Colorful Easter eggs in 3D pen art basket | 3D Pen Tutorial

Easter Eggs

  • 30 Minutes
  • Beginner
Spring has sprung! Here's a fun tutorial for crafters of all ages. So grab your 3Doodler and let's doodle some Easter Eggs!
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1 Assemble your materials!

Gather together your plastic, pen, free stencil, and DoodlePad.

2 Build the Egg Structure

Trace the stencil parts. Join one of the semi-circles perpendicularly to the top and bottom of the oval to create a half egg shape. This will be the structure in which we will wrap plastic around to create the egg. Repeat the process with the remaining two pieces so that you have two egg halves.

3 Fill in the Egg

Cover the outside of half of the egg half with filament. Shape it along the way to form a smooth egg shape. Repeat that process with the other half egg piece you made in step 2. Once you have two completed halves, attach them using fresh plastic and your fingers to create a solid bond between the two halves.

4 Finally decorations

Now that your egg is complete it's time to add some decorations. Using a different color of plastic add a fun pattern that makes your egg unique to you!

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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