3D pen bunny with yellow paper nest | 3D Pen Tutorial

Easter Bunny

  • 45 Minutes
  • Intermediate
Are chocolate bunnies, candy eggs and Easter baskets top of mind? While there are plenty of things to buy this time of year, we wanted to share a fun and festive activity that you can do for your kids, your students or as a family.
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1 Assemble your materials!

Print out the free stencil and grab your 3Doodler and eco-friendly plastic. It's time to doodle!

2 Let's build the bunny torso

Start by tracing out the body of the bunny using the stencil. Once you have the loose pieces, attach them as follows to form the skeleton of the body.

3 Fill in the Body

Now that we have the skeleton of the body, it's time to fill it in. Start by wrapping it with plastic to make a solid shape. Then go back over the 3D shape, shaping along the way, so that the body looks round and ready to add on to.

4 Doodle the Head

Go back to the stencil to doodle the two circles that will form the head. Take those two circles and position them so that they form a 3D sphere. Once you have a 3D shape start wrapping plastic around the outside of it, then go back over it with your pen and additional filament until all of the holes are filled in.

5 Doodle the Feet

Using the stencil trace out the legs. Once you have the outline, start filling in each leg until it takes shape. You can go the extra mile and make them 3D, or leave them more 2D like we do here.

6 Doodle the Ears

Trace out the outline of the ear pieces on the stencil. Once you have an outline, go back in and add some fun patterns to make the ears stand out on the bunny's head.

7 Doodle the Tail

The tail is simple. Doodle the circle on the stencil and then while slowly using your finger create a rounded shape as you add more and more plastic. By the end, you should have a cup shape that looks like a puffy bunny tail.

8 Doodle the Arms

Trace out the arm pieces from the stencil and then fill them in using your fingers to smooth out the plastic, creating a natural/ furry look. Or switch things up and create your own texture look / feel.

9 Let's put it all together!

Now that you have all the different body parts it's time to assemble. Using your 3D Pen and warm, fresh plastic, firmly attach the legs, arms, head, ears, and tail. Hold each part firmly against the body until they are cooled and firmly attached.

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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