Mixed Media Flowers

There are so many ways to use a 3Doodler pen, but we especially love Esra's mixed media approach using tulle fabric! Try her technique yourself to create your own quirky flowers or other mixed media Doodles.
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What You'll Need

1 Start With A Stencil

Draw out your desired flower petal and leaf shapes on a sheet of paper.

2 Trace It

Cover your drawings with a DoodlePad and trace along the lines using your 3Doodler Create Pen.

3 Add Texture

Cover your drawn out Doodles with cut out pieces of tulle fabric. Trace another layer of leaves and petals on top of the material. Add details to the leaves and flowers or keep it simple with one outline.

4 Snip Snip

Cut away the tulle fabric outside of the Doodled lines.

5 Bend To Shape

Bend your petals and leaves by heating up each piece with a hair dryer and shaping them to give them a more organic feel.

6 Assemble

Hold the petals in a flower shape and stick the pieces together by Doodling in the centre of the flower. Use your 3D pen to combine the finished flower and leaves.

7 Full Bloom!

Make a Spring wreath or adorn a handbag, blouse or hair-style with your own mixed media flower Doodles!

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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