Crochet-Inspired Easter Eggs

Try something new this Easter with these beautiful crochet-inspired Easter Eggs.

What You'll Need

1 Prepare Your Canvas

Cover the boiled egg with masking tape.

2 Find The Center

Draw a line down the center of the egg, then sketch your crochet design with a pencil.

3 Finalize Your Design

Go over your final design with a pen.

4 Double Tape It

Tape over your design with clear tape.

Tip: PLA plastic peels off easier from clear tape.

5 “Crochet” It Up

Start Doodling over the lines you have drawn over one half of the egg. Repeat on the other side, making sure to leave a gap in the center of both halves.

6 Be Eggstremely Careful

Very gently, use the teaspoon and tweezer to help you remove each half from the egg.

7 You’re an Eggspert

Doodle to assemble both sides together.

8 Eggsquisite!

You're all done.