Grace’s Framed Flowers

Freshen up your interior decoration with some delightfully Doodled framed flowers! One thing we love about the 3Doodler is the wide range of possible uses for Doodles! These Doodled flowers from Power Doodler Grace Du Prez provide endless possibilities. You can follow Grace's lead and frame them for a lovely wall hanging, or add stems and create a bouquet that will never wilt. You could even turn them into rings or other jewelry, or do something completely new!

What You'll Need

1 Start With The Stencil

Fill in the all the petals on the template. The more petals you make the bigger the flower will be.

Tip: You can try using a contrasting color as an outline to make your petals pop.

2 Form The Flowers

Join the petals together to make the 3D flower starting with the smallest petals and working your way outward.

3 Affix A Fastener

Attach a paper fastener or a split pin to the back of the flower to make it easier to attach to the final piece.

4 Prepare The Paper

On your piece of card paper, mark with a pen where you want each flower to go. Then, using a pair of scissors and some sticky tack underneath, make a hole at each mark for your flowers.

5 Fill The Frame With Flowers

Push the paper fastener on the back of each flower through the hole you've made on the card paper, and open it out to secure the flowers in place.

6 Hang Your Handiwork

Hang it on your wall, and admire your Doodled artwork!

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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