3D pen art: Woman wearing earrings | 3D Pen Tutorial

Petite Pearl Floral Earrings

  • 50 Minutes
  • Intermediate
These simple, floral earrings instantly add an elegant touch to any outfit.
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What You'll Need

1 Start with a stencil

Print out the floral earrings stencil. Place a DoodlePad™ on top of it or cover with masking tape, then Doodle to make two flowers.

2 Add the bead

Once the plastic hardens, peel the plastic off and add Doodle details to the center of each flower. While the plastic is still soft, place the pearl bead in the center and apply pressure to adhere. Doodle around the pearl to strengthen the adherence.

3 Bend it to shape

Flip the flower around, and using a heated nozzle tip, gently heat up the outer edge of the petal and then shape it with your fingers while its soft.

4 Now comes the tricky part

Use pliers to bend the head pin, and thread it through a hook earwire. Thread a pearl bead through the head pin. Cut the head pin to a shorter length, then use pliers to bend the end to secure the bead.

5 Assemble together

Align the curved end of the wire with one side of the flower and add a dab of plastic to join. Make sure the connection is secure.

6 That’s so pretty!

Repeat with the other earring, and you’re done!

7 All done!

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