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Build a Pinball Game

  • 45 Minutes
  • Intermediate
Calling all Makers! This week, we thought it would be fun to build our own DIY pinball game. So grab your 3Doodler 3D pen and let's get in the game. Made 100% by you. ?
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1 Assemble Your Materials!

Gather together your pen, plastic, some plastic wrap, and our free to download pinball stencil.

2 Create the Back of your Pinball Game

Using the stencil, craft the base of the pinball game. We suggest using two different colors of plastic. Use one color for the back panel and a different color for the obstacles.

Go back over each of the obstacles, layering plastic so that the obstacles grow taller and become more 3D in nature so that they stand out against the back wall and create an obstacle that the ball can get caught on.

3 Doodle the Dividers and Walls

Using the stencil, doodle the outer edge walls, the shoot divider and the outer edge base, the plunger and the four score dividers.

4 Attach the Walls

Carefully attach the walls we created to the sides of our pinball game using freshly extruded plastic. The outer edge pieces will need to be bent as they are attached. Be careful and move slowly as you bend the plastic and attach it as you go.

5 Attach the Plunge Divider & Create a Spring for the Ball Launch

Grab the plunger that you doodled in step 2, and if you haven't already, use the tip of your Create+ pen to melt a hole into the middle of the square (shown in the first GIF). If you are using the Start+, just leave space for a piece of filament to be able to easily slide in the center of the plunger.

Next, install the plunger onto your pinball machine.

Using an unused strand of plastic as a guide, doodle a corkscrew that will serve as a spring for your pinball machine.

6 Install the Ball Launch

Trim a plastic strand to an appropriate length for your game. Then slide the corkscrew on it, and then slide the strand with corkscrew through the top of the plunge divider. Secure it in place by doodling a blob of fresh plastic to the bottom end of the plastic strand.

7 Create your Pinball

Doodle a few balls for your pinball machine! Once you've extruded the plastic, roll it in between your fingers until you've formed a ball shape.

8 Install a Covering Over the Top of the Game

Using plastic wrap, cut a piece just about as big as your pinball game. Then either using a Start+ pen or tape, carefully attach the plastic over the top of the game. Securing it tightly.

9 Who's Getting a High Score?

Your game is ready to play! Have fun and share it with us on social :)

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