3D pen art of a small chocolate hedgehog. | 3D Pen Tutorial

Hedgehog Hider

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Doodle yourself a cute companion with a secret hiding spot! Protect your valuables with a prickly friend who can guard your things while keeping cute! With just a tennis ball and some imagination, you can make your own hedgehog pal with a secret treasure stash inside. Learn how to create your own Hedgehog Hider with our easy step-by-step tutorial below!
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1 Wrap It Up

Wrap your tennis ball in the clear packing tape to create a surface to doodle on. The plastic will come off easily from the tape once you're done.

2 Doodle All Around

Doodle a line around the middle of your tennis ball, to mark off the top and bottom of your hedgehog.

3 Let It Flow

Holding the tip of your 3Doodler Create pen away from the surface of the tennis ball, allow the plastic to fall naturally creating a tight, curly pattern to fill the lower half and create the body of your hedgehog.

4 A Leg Up

Create four cylinders of plastic for legs on the bottom of your hedgehog, and cap the ends to create feet.

5 Ahead Of The Game

Create an oval for the head and build it up into a point with a slight upturn at the end for the nose.

6 It's A Wrap

Take a strip of packing tape and cover the upper edge of your hedgehog's body. This will allow you to doodle on top of it, so your upper half can overlap and create a nice lid.

7 Prickly Pal

Doodle circles and build them up into points to create the spines for the top of your hedgehog. Make the circles as even as possible for a uniform look.

8 Peel It Off

Carefully peel off the top and bottom of your hedgehog from the tennis ball.

9 Finishing Touches

Add eyes, a nose, and little toes to your hedgehog to give it personality and bring it to life.

10 Here's Your Hedgehog!

Your hedgehog is ready to hide your valuables and complement your decor as a cute, doodled companion!

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