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Not All Heroes Wear a Cape

If you’re like us, you are inspired by superheroes. A superhero is a character that has extraordinary abilities and uses those abilities to help the world become a better place.

Superheroes are easy to recognize because they wear costumes that stand out. It is not uncommon for a superhero to sport a brightly colored spandex with an emblem that represents the character’s brand. But superhero costumes are practical, as well.

While capes and masks provide a certain flair, superhero costumes often incorporate tools that the hero needs to succeed. When we think about superhero costumes in this context, it isn’t much of a leap to think about clothing as a way to help people exercise their extraordinary abilities — just like superheroes.

Sweatshirts keep us warm. Sturdy shoes help us to run fast. Gloves protect our hands from cuts, scrapes, and blisters. And the list goes on; clothing is simply a practical way to help us live up to our potential every day.

Like superheroes, we all require different outfits to succeed. Many kids are impacted by health conditions that make traditional clothing inaccessible to them. Some forward-thinking companies have started to sell more inclusive clothes that help everyone express themselves confidently and stylishly.

Perhaps you’ve come across a brand like Billy’s Footwear, which smashes fashion with function by incorporating zippers that go along the side of the shoes and around the toe, allowing the upper of each shoe to open and fold over completely. Or perhaps you opt for the DIY approach and use your 3Doodler Create+ pen to modify your kids clothing, lunchbox or backpack so that it works better for their needs. It’s little actions like these that can level up your own superhero’s skills each morning.

Take a look at some of the stores that are now offering more inclusive fashion choices for kids, adults, and seniors.

Designing Your Own Superhero Costume

In honor of National Superhero Day on April 28, we wanted to take some time to look at the myriad ways that clothing can help us shine.

One of our favorite tips is “a superhero’s costume should tell something important about the hero.” As you’re designing your superhero costume this week, think about how you can best showcase your superpowers. Maybe you can pretend to harness your superior strength through magic bracelets like Wonder Woman, or rely on a high-tech utility belt like Batman. For example, some kids with visual impairments use braille patches to quickly and easily differentiate between parts of their clothes.

No matter how you choose to represent your superpowers (real or imaginary) this week, feel free to do it with some flair. The 3Doodler team has created a free superhero mask stencil for you to use as a starting point in designing your own superhero mask. Check out our full tutorial here.

Tutorial X

As you know from previous posts, we love to create wearables because they are versatile, fun, and easy to do with our 3D pens.

What do you wear that makes you a #superhero? Share with us @3Doodler #3Doodler #WhatWillYouCreate

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