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20 Inspirational Quotes for 2020 from our STEM EDU Community

Now that we’re all getting back into the school rhythm, we wanted to share some great quotes we’ve received from 20 different teachers.

Many of you have spoken of amazing experiences with 3D pens in your learning environment, and we wanted to share them with our community to help spread some inspiration for the New Year. You can share these quotes on Twitter directly from the blog. Just click, post, and spread the inspiration!

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"“I can’t say enough good things about the Start pen. It provides problem solving and perspective to students, which is very valuable. It’s another tool in the teacher’s toolbox to engage students in a new way, to engage learning in a new way.”"-Garrick Grace, District Technology Integration Specialist, Minnesota ISD 741, Paynesville, MN Share "“One interesting benefit is how engaged and focused my students who have attentional difficulties can be when doodling and creating their own designs. The 3Doodler pens have given some students a new way to learn about math, and have added a great deal of excitement to geometry time.”"-Mrs. Lounsbury, Wenonah Elementary School, Lake Grove, NY Share "“They were so engaged I heard a highly talkative student say, ‘Don’t distract me, I am working.’ This is every teacher’s dream! Do you have any idea how challenging it is to keep students on task at the end of the school year? Thank you for helping me find a wonderful, creative way, to keep my students engaged.”"-Mrs. Gardner, J W Seabrook Elementary School, Fayetteville, NC Share "“3Doodler pens are fantastic!! They keep my students creating for their entire session without breaks. Great tool for creation and attention building! 3Doodler pens are motivating my students to do so much more. They are easy to use and loads of fun.”"-Kirti Vyas, Brookside Elementary School, Monroe Township, NJ Share
Image courtesy of Susanne Firestone Image courtesy of Susanne Firestone


"“When using the 3Doodler pens, the students are quiet and happy Doodling. The 3Doodler pens are amazing tools for mental health and being in one’s own mind. Students are inspired to create by seeing other Doodles.”"-Velvet Holmes, District Technology Literacy Teacher, Oregon School District, Brooklyn, WI Share "“We started with basic 2D shapes like circles and squares. Then we moved on to cubes. Now they are inventing their own creations! It’s really neat to see them think about what will work and how they need to problem solve to make their creations come to life. They are so engaged when they are working with their 3D pens.”"-Ms. Smith, Woodford Paideia School, Cincinnati, OH Share "“It is our role as educators to support students. We can do this through facilitating the use of empathy and EdTech to improve our communities. This can be as simple as using a 3Doodler pen to create tactual artwork for someone with visual impairments, or as powerful as using artificial intelligence to better our society.”"-Steven Jones, Riverside School District 96, Riverside, IL Share "“Students used the 3Doodler pens in math class to build geometric models, base ten models, and more. The students who learn best through tactile representations really benefit from this hands-on option for showing their learning.”"-Mrs. Hubert, William Berkowitz Elementary School, Chelsea, MA Share

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"“For every grade level, the 3Doodler Start is their favorite STEM center in the makerlab. They are relaxed using the Starts and they have fun being imaginative. Students aren’t afraid to fail with the 3Doodler pens. They are relaxed and social, and that’s the mindset you want.”"-Susanna Hite, STEM Teacher, St. Peter School, Geneva, IL Share "“Each student is responsible for drawing an organism in their food chain and making it 3D by using the 3Doodler pens. Along the way students have learned about trial and error and how designs are not going to be perfect the first time. This is a life skill that I’m constantly trying to demonstrate in my classroom. I want students to know that failure isn’t a bad thing and they can learn how to re-design and make it even better. This has resulted in some fabulous 3Doodler organisms!”"-Brittany Ballou, STEAM Teacher, Grange Hall Elementary, Richmond, VA Share "“These 3Doodler pens have made a tremendous impact on my classroom. Creating is the highest-order thinking skill, and with these pens, my students are able to create projects that help them visualize concepts they’ve learned in math, language arts, science, and various other subject areas.”"-Ms. Soriano, Waianae Elementary School, Waianae, HI Share
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"“The 3Doodler pens created opportunities to explore reading from a different angle. As a result, scores increased by more than 10% overall and students made gains. This project encouraged at-risk readers to re-compose as they read and respond to text through visual literacy, technology, and engineering. The 3Doodler pens are AWESOME!”"-Mrs. Epps-Primas, Best Academy 6-12, Atlanta, GA Share "“After some practice and learning the technique, they were drawing people, animals, cars, plants, and putting together helicopters. It was truly amazing to see their projects come to life with all sorts of objects and vibrant colors.”"-Ms. Obata, Dewey Elementary School, San Gabriel, CA Share "“Students love the instant gratification of Doodling. The 3Doodler pens are more exciting than markers, pens, or paper, and more accessible than a full scale 3D printer. 3Doodler pens are a gateway to technology. My makerspace is 50% girls at all times, and 3Doodler is a great way to get girls interested in tech.”"-Robin Fosdick, Makerspace Coordinator, Morse Library, Natick, MA Share "“I’d definitely recommend 3Doodler to other teachers because it helps teach students to build 3D shapes from 2D shapes. Students can create anything they can think of. Where they are limited with building blocks, 3Doodler pens can make any shape.”"-Roland Fisher, Owner/Operator, Engineering for Kids, Indianapolis, IN Share


"“These pens have helped the students harness their creativity and have really allowed some students that tend to struggle with relationships and peers to shine. They amaze the other students with their skills and creations and it raises their confidence. That has opened the door for them to begin to build positive relationships with others.”"-Mrs. O'Reilly, Pembroke Elementary School, Virginia Beach, VA Share "“My students have worked non-stop to figure out the best way to build in 3 dimensions with our pens. They are helping each other, experimenting with new ideas, and building onto each other’s projects. In short, they are thinking! The best part is that they don’t even mind doing the work because they have a new “toy” to work with. Everyone is happy!”"-Ellen Peterson, Smithfield Middle School, Smithfield, VA Share
Images courtesy of Susanne Firestone
"“The students have loved using them to create sculptures, furniture, and prototypes for their projects. It’s been fun watching them create and teach each other tips and tricks on how to best use the 3Doodler pens. We are even finding ways to use the scraps and pieces that didn’t get used in finished sculptures.”"-Mrs. Kalcevic, Ardis Ann Middle School, Bentonville, AR Share "“The 3Doodler pens have been such a blessing to spark creativity in students that were otherwise stuck in a box. Bringing their 2-D learning into a 3-D world has brought basic learning and engagement into real life experiences they will never forget. As I write, my students are working cooperatively to develop 3-D models of their Simple Machines and then connecting them to create a new type of machine that can help the community.”"-Mrs. Smith, George Washington Carver Elementary School, Richmond Hill, GA Share

We want to express our sincere gratitude for all that each of you do to support the leaders of tomorrow. We are so happy that our 3D pens are a part of your teaching journey, and we are honored to be partners with you in the classroom.

Other teachers want to hear about your experiences with EdTech!

Share your story with them on Twitter.

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