3D pen art: plastic toys on table.

3Doodler at New York Toy Fair

The annual Toy Fair is happening right now in the Big Apple and we’re announcing a few exciting new additions to the 3Doodler family. Without further delay, here they are!

HEXBUG® Make Your Own Micro Robotics Pen Set and Activity Kit

Creativity, fun and education are key focuses of 3Doodler products, and our collaboration with HEXBUG® is a great example of this. This much-anticipated product will allow imaginations (and little critters) to run wild on four, six, or even ten legs, just like real bugs! The insect-themed DoodleMolds™ make creating HEXBUG® body and legs easy, then enjoy the fun as you watch it crawl around to explore its environment, conquer obstacles, or race your friends.

Part of the new 3Doodler Start STEM Series, this set fosters learning by allowing kids to design and experiment with different robotic structures taking physics, engineering and structural principles into account.

3Doodler Start STEM Series

3D pen art: Display of diverse toy designs at store.

This series features a range of Activity Kits that will naturally stimulate creativity and STEM thinking, such as problem solving, spatial reason, structural design and more, in a unique, fun and engaging way.

Kids can merge prehistoric with futuristic and bring their Jurassic creatures to life with the Robotic Dinosaur Activity Kit. Or make their own articulated action figures complete with ball and socket joints with the Make Your Own Figurines Activity Kit. The Science & Engineering Activity Kit further connects STEM activities with the real 3D world.

“The creation of the 3Doodler Start STEM Series marks an important next step for 3Doodler as a company.” said 3Doodler Co-Founder Daniel Cowen. “STEM and its importance to education is well documented and instrumental to the future of industries like engineering and architecture.

Watching some of our youngest users turn the 3Doodler Start into a tool for robotics and design is one of the most rewarding accomplishments we’ve had at 3Doodler to date and a critical part of evaluating and planning our long-term business strategy. Making 3D accessible to education is mission critical going forward.”

DoodleMold® Kits

  • Orange mask table with book - 3D pen art.
  • Cupcakes and 3D pen artwork on table with remote control

Those looking to spark their artistic creativity and express their unique style will love the new DoodleMold® Kits in 2018! New kits include the Make Your Own Desserts Kit, the Make Your Own Food Keyring Kit, Make Your Own Masks Kit and the Make Your Own Eyeglasses Kit.

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