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At 3Doodler, our purpose is to inspire and enable everyone to create. Whether you’re a proud owner of your very first 3Doodler, or you’re a teacher looking for inspiration for your next class, the new the3Doodler.com is your one stop for all things 3Doodler! For returning users, everything you love can still be found on our website, now organized under 5 content hubs.

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We’ve worked alongside teachers to build our Education hub to help make finding what you need easier than ever. Take advantage of education discounts (site-wide) by registering for an EDU account today.

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Our Resources hub is jam packed with free lesson plans, tutorials and stencils to keep you busy for days on end. And in case you’re wondering, we also have an app for that.


You can browse our entire collection of pens, accessories, plastics and project kits with ease. If you’re having trouble deciding which pen is right for you, then visit our store page to learn about the benefits of each! If you’re a teacher, don’t forget to register or login for education discounts!

Shop for Start (Ages 6-13), Create (14+), or EDU for schools now!

Get Started

Have you just bought your new 3Doodler or received one in class? The Get Started hub will help you get up to speed quickly so you can unleash your creativity. Run through some quick basics for your Create+ or Start pen, or browse through our amazing Hot Tips section to see the nifty ways our in-house pros use our pen! If you prefer learning through videos, go ahead and explore our extensive video library or watch and learn from Grace Du Prez’s “Learn 3D Pen Art” video series.

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JUKU Create+: Next Level Learning with 3Doodler and Office Depot

It’s official!

3Doodler has been working hard to bring you a special JUKU edition 3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen Set, only available at Office Depot.

The JUKU Create+ Pen Set comes with everything you need to start Doodling in 3D, including the 3Doodler Create+ pen, 50 strands of filaments, The Ultimate Guide to Doodling, and more!

“JUKU” is Japanese for supplementary education that prepares students for next-level learning, and that is exactly what the 3Doodler Create+ is for!

Bring learning to the next level with the JUKU 3Doodler Create+ pen, only at Office Depot.

Check it out at your local Office Depot, or through their online store.

National Library Workers Day: Lifting the Story Off the Page!

What is National Library Workers Day? This special day honors library staff members and administrators in recognition of the their exemplary contributions to communities in America.

Libraries give the gift of free knowledge to millions of us each year. Because of Libraries, we can access the resources we need to learn about virtually anything. Since the American Library Association first celebrated the National Library Workers Day in 2004, millions of people have given back by expressing gratitude and nominating the Librarians that they think are the biggest movers and shakers! Be sure to check out the American Library Association Website to learn more about voting for your local Library staff.

How can you give back to the library workers who have had such a powerful impact on our community? Nothing expresses gratitude more than a personalized gift, so join 3Doodler in crafting the perfect Bookmark for your favorite Librarian!

Share a pic of your Bookmark on Twitter in celebration of our National Library Workers!

@3Doodler #3Doodler #NationalLibraryWorkersDay

3DPod: A Podcast with the Inside Scoop on the 3D Printing Industry

3DPod is your all-in-one podcast to learn the ins and outs of the 3D Printing world.

Maxwell Bogue, co-founder of 3Doodler, has collaborated with editor-in-chief of 3DPrint.com, Joris Peels, to bring you a top-shelf podcast on all of the hot topics in 3D Printing.

From filaments to the “fourth industrial revolution,” to 3D printing prosthetics and K-12 education, you will certainly get the lowdown from these industry authorities!

Listen Now!

Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3

More episodes to come soon! Check them out at 3DPrint.com.


Are you liking 3DPod? Do you have 3D printing topics you’d like to hear about?

Share your thoughts with us on Twitter!

@3Doodler #3Doodler #3DPod

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An App Exclusively for 3D Pens!

You asked, we listened. For the first time, 3Doodler has an App!

With the 3Doodler App, you can use your device as a canvas*. Forget Doodling with your phone, we’re talking about Doodling on your phone. Literally!

Our 3D Pen App includes

  • Step-By-Step Tutorials for the 3Doodler Start and Create+
  • Over 24 Traceable Stencils
  • A shoot and share function
  • And you can ask us questions directly from the App!

Stay tuned for frequent updates, including new projects, stencils, and multi-lingual support.

The 3Doodler App works with Android, iPhone, iPad and more!

We can’t wait to see your Doodles! Share them with us through the 3Doodler App!

Get the App Now!

* Usage and safety instructions apply. The 3Doodler Start is low temperature, and can be used directly against your device’s screen for prolonged periods. The 3Doodler Create+ has a hot tip, and we recommend using the 3Doodler Create DoodlePad® between your 3Doodler Create+ and your device to reduce risk to your device.

Want even more free projects? Be sure to check out our Tutorials page

View Tutorials

Draw in Wood with the Create+ 3D Printing Pen!

After months of running our Wood filaments through their paces, you can now 3D print in Walnut, Cherry, White Birch and Natural Wood with the 3Doodler Create+ Pen! Now you can make your own wooden sculptures, photo frames, phone cases, or even fix broken floorboards quickly and easily.

Why Wood?!

Made with real wood fiber, all four of our wood filaments allow you to make lightweight structures with a woody finish and a (satisfying) wood aroma. One of the great things about this material is how flexible it is. Prefer a smoother finish? Buff the surface with sanding paper. Want to engrave a message? Carve it with your 3Doodler’s hot nozzle tip. You can also stain the wood to accentuate the detailing of your designs. Want to go truly next level? Apply shellac for a bold glossy finish.

Hey Woody! What shall I make?

With the versatility of our wood filament, the possibilities are as immense as a Giant Sequoia. If you’re new to 3D pen drawing, start with something simple like a Christmas tree for the holidays. Want to build something fun and display-worthy? How about some moveable puppets or these charming row boats (we tested them, and they do float!).

Get artisanal and make yourself a beautiful trinket dish to hold your jewelry and keys. Or if you’re a dollhouse collector, this is the miniature rocking chair mic drop you’ve been waiting for! Finally, for DIYers, go ahead and fix that nagging chip in your floor board in a hot second!

Tips & Tricks
  • To using 3Doodler Wood filaments with the 3Doodler Create+, make sure to set your pen to the PLA temperature setting and extrude on Slow Speed for the best results.

  • If you are using a Create DoodlePad® , simply flip it over and use the back of it – this makes it easier for you to remove your Doodle after it has cooled and hardened.

Purchase a 3Doodler Create+ Pen and 3D print in Wood now:

3Doodler’s Commitment To Hurricane Impacted Areas

3Doodler is helping teachers in need following a pair of powerful hurricanes that hit the United States.

By working with DonorsChoose.org, we have decided to fund all active open projects in the Carolinas featuring 3Doodler products as of September 14, 2018 (Hurricane Florence’s landfall). 3Doodler will also fund a pair of active projects in Houston, Texas schools impacted by Hurricane Harvey one year ago.

“Any damage caused by a storm like Hurricane Florence will further press already difficult school budgets,” said 3Doodler co-founder Maxwell Bogue. “Working with a partner like DonorsChoose.org to identify already open projects and support them is a small step we can provide in helping the recovery effort.”

3Doodler Projects have been funded at the following institutions:

Knightsville Elementary School – Summerville, SC
Valle Crucis Elementary School – Sugar Grove, NC
Chesterfield Elementary School – Morgantown, NC
West View Elementary School – Spartanburg, SC
Southern Nash Middle School – Winnsboro, SC
St. Paul’s Middle School – Saint Pauls, NC
Lugoff Elementary School – Lugoff, SC
O’Donnell Middle School – Houston, TX
North Pointe Elementary School – Houston, TX

In the five years since 3Doodler’s founding, the company’s products have been used in more than 7,000 classrooms, and by more than 400,000 students. DonorsChoose.org, a crowdfunded educational platform, has also been responsible for putting 3Doodler kits in over 800 middle-and low-income classrooms.

3Doodler’s 3D printing pens have received extensive praise for making 3D printing accessible for all ages and economic backgrounds. This includes being named a Top Pick by New York Times owned Wirecutter and one of Mashable’s 10 Best 3D Printers for Beginners.

3Doodler PRO 3D Pen: Tips for Printing in Wood, Nylon, and Metal

A key differentiator that puts the 3Doodler PRO pen above the rest of our 3D printing pens is the vast array of specialty materials that it’s compatible with. Designed for engineers, architects, designers, artists, and more, this pen has something to offer to each professional in their niche.

With the introduction of new Wood filament colors, we’ve put together a summary of the characteristics of each specialty material (wood, nylon and metals), along with some tips and tricks from Cornelia Kuglmeier, which you might find useful for all types of 3D pen designs.

Pears Doodled with Wood Filaments


Made with real wood fibre, this material carries a mild and natural wood aroma, and creates a sandy surface appearance when Doodled. Like any wooden material, it can be sanded down to reveal a cleaner finish. You could even stain the wood to give it a darker shade or to accentuate details in certain parts of your design.

Wood filaments, are favored by architects who want to add some life-like aesthetic to models, loved by sculptors to make figurines that add a warm feeling to interior decor, and used by the everyday handyman for repairs on wooden furniture, floors, utensils and more.

Doodling Technique
By popular demand, we’ve added 3 new color options (Cherry, Birch and Walnut) (link to AMZ Wood bundle) in addition to the existing Natural shade, to allow for more variety in creations! All Wood filaments have the same characteristics when in use.

The ideal settings for Wood is:
Temp: 170°C – 200°C (338°F – 392°F) / Speed: 3-6

Wood is perfect for:
  • Coating a structure that is pre-built with ABS or PLA plastic.

  • Making flat pieces to assemble together.

  • To make small, delicate pieces, we recommend using speed 1 or 2 to keep the plastic soft and fluid, making it easier to draw finer details, plus adjusting the fan speed allows you to control how fast/slow the plastic hardens.

Koy Fish Handbag Doodled with Nylon Filaments


Nylon , creates a very interesting fabric-like texture with a semi-translucent appearance. When extruded, the material forms sturdy strands that are bendable, but strong enough to hold their structural shape.

Designers love using Nylon to make an entire fashion accessory, outfit, or create embellishments to add decorative details to plain items. You could also make stylish home decor with this material, such as subtle wall art made up of dandelions.

Doodling Technique
Although Nylon is only available in one color, you can use fabric dye or food coloring to add some interesting effects to your final design. Here’s an example, using food coloring, of how you can create a beautiful color blending effect.

The ideal settings for Nylon is:
Temp: 200°C – 225°C (392°F – 437°F) / Speed: 3-6 / Fan: medium-high

Nylon is perfect for:
  • Making functional parts or free-form structures.

  • Developing prototypes of clothing designs.

  • When joining nylon to nylon, we recommend turning the pen temperature up to 230°C – 240°C and fan to low, speed to 2 or 3. This helps to create extrusions that harden slower, and are therefore more sticky so you can create stronger connection points. Also, make sure to press the pen firmly onto the Doodled pieces to secure the joint.

  • Mix up your technique and use extruded Nylon filament to weave, crochet or braid to fabricate unique textures.

Theodore & Hepburn in Bronze & Copper by Cornelia Kuglmeier


Bronze and Copper filaments allow you to create 3D structures which can be polished in different ways to get a premium-looking metallic finish. When left untreated, the metals have a clay-like appearance, which is unique in its own way.

Working with metal offers a very unique experience both while you Doodle, and after. It is ideal for making jewelry pieces and sculptures which may have otherwise required special tools and techniques to create.

Doodling Technique
The ideal settings for both Bronze and Copper is:
Temp: 180°C – 200°C (356°F – 392°F) / Speed: 3-5 / Fan: High

Tips for using Bronze and Copper:
  • Doodle two to three layers to increase the strength of your creation, as these materials are brittle if using a single layer only.

  • For larger pieces, you can create a base structure in ABS or PLA to enhance rigidity.

  • For flat pieces, or pieces with a bigger surface, you can polish with sand paper to achieve a shinier and smoother finish. Start with a rough grit (e.g. 400 grit) to get rid of the overall roughness, then progress to a very fine grit (e.g. 1200 grit) to achieve next-level shine and shimmer. We recommend using wet sanding paper, or polishing paste. Finish off with steel wool.

  • For smaller creations with more crooks and edges, you can use the tumble finishing technique to give it an even more polished look. Fill the barrel with brass screws, put your Doodled piece in and let the machine do its work. Make sure to check on your piece from time to time, to see if it’s been damaged, if so, fix it then return to the tumbler. You will see the effects of this technique after about an hour of tumbling.

  • If the pen has trouble extruding metal filament, we recommend putting the pen on reverse, instead of pushing the filament through by force. If you can’t grip the strand as it is too short, adjust the pen temperature to 130°C, screw off the nozzle tip, then put the pen on reverse again and gently push the plastic out with the cleaning tool provided. Screw the nozzle back on to continue your work.

If you’d like to learn more about the different materials or the 3Doodler PRO pen itself, be sure to check out our dedicated product page.

How We Are Celebrating National Dog Day At 3Doodler

Celebrate National Dog Day on August 26th by giving your four-legged pal a hug and a kiss, and by Doodling a mini version of them!

This special day, founded in 2004 by Animal Advocate Collean Paige, recognizes rescue dogs and the positive role all dogs play in people’s lives both at work and at home. Read more about National Dog Day here. Psst…we also love this day because it gives us an excuse to talk about our dogs a little bit more…

How to celebrate National Dog Day?

Every day is bring-your-dog-to-work day at 3Doodler. Our dogs give us random kisses, remind us to take a break once in a while, and make us smile – it’s a real treat to have them around. We made these Doodles, sculptures, and accessories to toast our four-legged friends. How will you celebrate? Perhaps these 3D art pieces will inspire you to make something for your pooch.

Meet the dogs of 3Doodler…

Hepburn and Theodore

“Hep and Theo hated each other when they first met. Hep peed in all of Theo’s favorite places around the house. He’s a fraction of Theo’s size but thinks he’s twice as big. They’re now best of friends/true bros.

3D sculptures made using the 3Doodler PRO pen and ABS filament for the base structures, then layered with Bronze and Copper filaments for the fur details.


“Ophelia has many titles that have been bestowed upon her over the years: Ophelia Rubenstein Bogue, Empress of the East Village, Queen of Newtonville, Ambassador to West Newton, Sultana of Sutton Place (Honorary)”

3D portraits made using the 3Doodler Create+ and PLA filament.


“PJ is a Shikoku mongrel named after rock legend PJ Harvey. While also known as ‘Jimjams’, ‘Pyjama Pants’ and ‘#PollyJeanTheMongrelQueen’, her many names are only a fraction as playful as she is. PJ loves hugs, beaches & buffalo (most of which don’t want to play) and has an unfortunate disdain for cute puppies.”

3D portrait made using the 3Doodler Create+ and PLA and ABS filament.

Bailey and Brandy

“Everyone thinks they’re blood sisters but they’re not related, though they do go everywhere and do everything together (double trouble). They might look small but they have massive personalities and hearts.”

3D portraits made using the 3Doodler Create+ and PLA filament.

Check out close up photos of these Doodles on Instagram!

Feeling Inspired? Get 15% Off

Create your own unique dog portrait, dog print, dog bowl, or dog sculpture with the 3Doodler. Share your Doodle* with us on Instagram or Facebook, with the hashtag #3DoodlerDogDay, tag us @3Doodler, and send us a private message “Doodled Dog!” so we can send you a 15% Discount Coupon to use on your next order, and a chance to have your work featured by us!

*Submissions are open till September 5th 2018. This coupon can be applied for orders with a minimum value of $10.

Doodling Childhood Imaginary Friends with DoodleAddicts

This month, we partnered with Doodle Addicts on a fun and quirky Drawing Challenge! One that challenged artists to take a walk down memory lane, and illustrate their childhood imaginary friends.

Why Doodle?

We are on the same page as Doodle Addicts when it comes to celebrating our incessant need to doodle! Other than the obvious benefit of it being an outlet for everyday creativity, research suggests that there are also additional perks to doodling, like helping you stay focused, relieving stress, understanding new concepts more quickly, and helping you explore new ideas.

So the only question is, why not Doodle?

Never too old for Imaginary Friends

The artists’ submissions were a breath of fresh air! A lot of them were quirky, cleverly illustrated, and oozing with talent. It was hard for us to pick our favourites, but here are a few that really stood out to us, and some of which reminded us of our own imaginary friends:

  • By Federico

    From the Artist: “I found a picture of me as a kid talking to my hand. I had forgotten my hand had a voice and a personality. Maybe there were several imaginary friends that inhabited my hands at one point. In this picture I’m trying to give them some fur and feathers. I wish I remembered their names.”

    Why we like it: “I love his memory of talking to his hands as a kid and the idea that his hands took on all new characters in his mind.” – Kelley

  • by Pilar Moreno

    From the Artist: Punky

    Why we like it: “He looks like he likes long walks on the beach.” – Faraz

  • by Sydney Anne Bellair

    From the Artist: “This creature has green moss growing out of its back and stick-like antlers extruding out of its head to improve its camouflage in the woods. Not only is my imaginary friend cute and cuddly but it is also agile and stealthy. The shiny scales that cover the lower half of its body provide protection to the creature. Overall, this imaginary friend is amazing in every way.”

    Why we like it: “I love animals and mythical creatures and have always considered pets to be like friends, each with their own unique personality. Just like this cool cat!” – Kira

  • by Joey Gao

    From the Artist: “My imaginary friend as a kid was a monster that travelled from telephone pole to telephone pole, and it always dangled the moon in front of me.”

    Why we like it: “This monster brings some light into the darkness.” – Faraz

  • by Adriane Skinner

    From the Artist: “This is Thumb Shark. I doodled him on my phone at a difficult former in a moment of frustration and despair, my cousin named him, and he took on a life of his own from there. He does everything with me, from assembling IKEA furniture to snorkeling to writing a thesis. He is eternally curious and definitely not a morning shark.”

    Why we like it: “I love Thumb Shark’s personality, and can totally relate to not being a morning shark!” – Apple

  • by Jesse Norman Bergstrom

    From the Artist: “Our treehouses and forts were always the place our imaginations ran wild. Lucky for this one her treehouse is more than willing to run off with her!”

    Why we like it: “I could personally identify with the artist’s fondness for treehouses and forts.” – Kelley

  • by Anna

    From the Artist: “This is my childhood friend, JellyGlo. She always would float around my room in the dark to help me get over my fears of the dark. She’s my best pal, and always will be.”

    Why we like it: “Cuteness aside, I loved the contrast between the electric blue of the Jellyfish and the inky surroundings, giving the feeling of a magical creature illuminating the depths of the ocean.” – Daniel

  • by Simon Wells

    From the Artist: “As a child, I’d read Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and a brooding, Goth like Juliet became my imaginary friend. She would sit on a swing and be my muse.”

    Why we like it: “I wonder how her love story ends…” – Kira

  • by Lala

    From the Artist: “Every kid loves sweets and Midnight is no exception. Midnight is a donut grabbin’, candy eating, cookie snatching kitten that flies through the kitchen in the wee hours of the night to gather all the treats your mother said you just couldn’t have.”

    Why we like it: “Cookies and Cats! Some of the best things in life.” – Apple

Which submission is your favourite?

See All

Doodle your creative magic

Doodling can happen anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a pen (or a 3Doodler). You can Doodle anything from cartoons, abstract shapes, words, to patterns. Feeling nostalgic for your childhood imaginary friend? We say let your inner child run free and Doodle away!

Keep an eye out for our announcement of the winning submissions, coming soon…

I Doodle To…

“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.” – Pablo Picasso

The 3Doodler community is constantly creating new suns, with inspirational orbits of their own. With the launch of our latest pen, we wanted to take you on a journey around our artists’ universe and share some of the amazing ways you can create.

“I Doodle to Decorate”

– Kira Albarus

In her free time, Kira loves being able to decorate her workspace and apartment to her taste. Kira has Doodled her own set of textured bookends, vases and even geometric animal coasters. She’s always on the look-out for inspiration for her next project!

“I Doodle to Play”

– Faraz Warsi

Fact: Doodling is fun! Faraz loves being able to grab a pen and make something that’s simple and quirky, and puts a smile on people’s faces. Whether it’s a whimsical figurine, cute finger puppets, or miniature food pins, there is no limit to what you can create.

“I Doodle to Personalize”

– Erin Song

These days it’s all about personalization. For Erin Song, a young and talented Graphic Designer and Illustrator, the 3Doodler allows her to put per personality into everyday items which are otherwise plain and ubiquitous. Erin also loves seeing her friends gasp and smile when she gives them personalized gifts!

“I Doodle to Make Art”

– Cornelia Kuglmeier

As an Art Teacher, Cornelia Kuglmeier loves being able to use the 3Doodler as a creative medium, both at school and at home. She has never failed to make jaws drop with her variety of artwork, from incredibly-detailed Macro butterflies, ambitious models of world-famous architecture, to her recent experiments with mixed-media blotched ink paintings. The only question is, what will Connie create next?

“I Doodle to Design”

– Patrick Tai

Over the years, a growing number of Fashion Designers have adopted the 3Doodler into their work. Patrick Tai is one of the first users of the original 3Doodler pen back in 2013, when it launched on Kickstarter, and hasn’t stopped creating remarkable runway pieces ever since. For Patrick, the 3Doodler allowed him to make his creative vision possible and have his designs stand out from the crowd – creating textures and concepts that hadn’t previously existed.

“I Doodle to Fix & Hack”

– Maxwell Bogue

Max loves DIY-ing and fixing broken things with the 3Doodler, because it’s so versatile and easy to use. As a guy who loves new tech, he’s got a collection of worn out cables and cracked plastic parts from ruff usage. He can easily touch up and fix these with the 3Doodler in just minutes, as well as augment some of his favorite devices by adding a loop for storing connectors or other accessories.

“I Doodle to Relax”

– Apple Ko

As a homebody, Apple likes to spend quiet weekends at home to unwind. As a crafter, she values any chance she gets to sit down and just Doodle a creation for hours on end. Sometimes, how the end product looks is not as important as simply enjoying the relaxing process of creating itself. Doodling makes her feel calmer, more relaxed, and even happier!

Here’s to making art, doing-it-yourself, always learning, trying, failing, trying again, and above all else… embracing the fun of Doodling.

Whether you’re Doodling a yellow spot, a sun, or an entire universe of your own, our mission is to make sure you have the best creative tools in your hands.

We’re thrilled to introduce the new 3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen, so you can discover, or re-discover, a whole new way to Create, Fix and have fun.

Watch the Video here:

Introducing the new 3Doodler EDU Learning Packs

Anyone who is familiar with the 3Doodler brand will recognize that our Purpose is to inspire and enable everyone to create. As a tactile tool, there’s a natural fit of our product in learning Art & Design, STEM, and other academic disciplines, corroborated by the growing demand from classrooms over the last few years. To continue to meet students’ learning needs, it’s important for us to constantly improve our EDU products and ensure the best possible classroom experience for our users.

A first glance of our Learning Packs

Designed with teachers, for their classrooms

We have spent countless hours working on the redesigned Learning Packs, with the outcome of an easier, better experience for teachers and their student users. Finally, with the launch of these products today, we’d like to share the thinking behind the new design!

All our 3D pens are made to be as simple and easy to learn as possible, avoiding obstacles between a user and their ability to create. This quality had to be carried through every aspect of the new EDU Learning Pack product experience, from the moment the teacher and students open their boxes, to when they make their first doodle. And what better way to truly understand the needs of teachers and students in the classroom, than to ask teachers?

3 Design Thinking Pillars

After numerous consultations with teachers who use the 3Doodler, it became clear to us that there were 3 consistent themes in what they were looking for:

Simple to understand

“If they don’t use it, lose it.” The first step to making our Learning Packs more valuable, was by removing components that don’t add value for teachers. We took out what they thought was least useful in the EDU Bundle, making room for more items, such as education-specific learning materials and robust containers.

With the contents that remained, we redesigned the creatives, the wording, and the overall layout, to make the information more clear, concise, and easily digestible. We also learned that teachers and students find it easier to process images rather than words alone, so we added more visual examples, and less text, in our guides.

Efficient use of time

Teachers are busy people. Finding the time to plan a new lesson is a challenge, let alone to introduce a whole new way of enabling student learning. To overcome this, we had to find a solution that helped teachers save time – before, during, and after the class. An important component in saving time for teachers was to make the Learning Packs extremely accessible to students, so that they could take charge of their own learning journey with 3Doodler.

"Students can help themselves to their own pens and accessories, and grab plastics from the huge assortment available in the Plastics Kit." Share

The new Learning Pack contains a Teachers’ Kit, Students’ Kits, and a Plastic Kit. Before class, the teacher can familiarize him/herself with the Teachers’ Kit, which comes with a checklist of items to go through, a cheatsheet, and lesson plans and activity guides. During the lesson, the class can refer to a specially designed poster (included in the Learning Pack) on doodling basics. A troubleshooting guide and set of tools is also available for quick fixes. By creating multiple easy-to-grab Student Kits, students can help themselves to their own pens and accessories, and grab plastics from the huge assortment available in the Plastics Kit.

Separating out the kits this way makes the material management easier for the teacher. They no longer need to spend time on distributing the tools and figuring out all the components, eliminating confusion and chances of errors. Student teams will also appreciate a sense of ownership over their own kits! After the lesson, students simply have to return all materials into their compartments, ready for the next class.

Friendly and intuitive to all

The Activity Guide and free lesson plans, tutorials, and stencils on our website have all been designed with teachers, and with the aim to inspire everyone to create, no matter their age or artistic ability. Building a dinosaur fossil may appear overly ambitious, but not if you have a stencil you could print and use. A roller coaster model seems impossible to make? Not if you can follow a step-by-step guide.

There are ideas for everyone, and limitless things to create, play with, and learn from. All it takes is to start.

Check out our new Learning Packs here

Learn More

We’ve Just Turned 5!

It’s been 5 years since we received your generous support on Kickstarter, which propelled us to where we are today. As we celebrate our 5th birthday, we wanted to share a bit about our story.

  • Our initial $2.344 million campaign on Kickstarter in 2013 still ranks #76th all-time on the platform for money raised

  • With 1.4 million units sold, 3Doodler is the best-selling 3D printing product of all-time, and gaining momentum with 500,000 unit sales coming within the last six months

  • We have not sought additional funding from investors

Five years ago this month, the 3Doodler was a mere concept. The idea was to simplify 3D printing, putting its power in the hands of anyone through a pen-like device that cost less than $100.

Enter Kickstarter, and a community of visionary early adopters. Relying on the power of the internet, and our hope that people would recognize the potential of the 3Doodler (or just want to have fun with it), we launched our campaign. The result was one of the most-funded technology Kickstarter campaigns to date, and a 26,000-strong community (26,457 to be exact) to propel the company journey.

During our 2013 Kickstarter, we raised $2.344 million to begin operations. When the 3Doodler was upgraded with a 2.0 version in 2015, an already avid user base responded by raising another $1.55 million in crowdfunding. We have never taken a dime of investor funding, instead relying on the Kickstarter community to find sustainability.

Under our parent company Wobbleworks Inc., more than 1.4 million 3Doodler products have been sold to date in over 60 countries, while no other 3D printing product has topped the million mark.

" Under our parent company Wobbleworks Inc., more than 1.4 million 3Doodler products have been sold to date in over 60 countries, while no other 3D printing product has topped the million mark." Share

From dresses, to wallets, vases, jewelry, robots, figurines and home improvement solutions, 3Doodler products offer unlimited opportunity for those holding the pen. The latest notable creation being a 6’6” inch replica of the Statue of Liberty that now lives in the company’s Manhattan headquarters.

Thanks to family-friendly price points, seamless ease of use and safety features ranging from temperature control to compostable plastics, 3Doodler is making 3D printing technology accessible for all. This includes more than 100,000 students at 5,000 schools worldwide through our line of Education (EDU) Kits and matching programs like DonorsChoose.org. Making 3D accessible to education is mission critical going forward.

Add something here if you want?

3Doodler at New York Toy Fair

The annual Toy Fair is happening right now in the Big Apple and we’re announcing a few exciting new additions to the 3Doodler family. Without further delay, here they are!

HEXBUG® Make Your Own Micro Robotics Pen Set and Activity Kit

Creativity, fun and education are key focuses of 3Doodler products, and our collaboration with HEXBUG® is a great example of this. This much-anticipated product will allow imaginations (and little critters) to run wild on four, six, or even ten legs, just like real bugs! The insect-themed DoodleMolds™ make creating HEXBUG® body and legs easy, then enjoy the fun as you watch it crawl around to explore its environment, conquer obstacles, or race your friends.

Part of the new 3Doodler Start STEM Series, this set fosters learning by allowing kids to design and experiment with different robotic structures taking physics, engineering and structural principles into account.

3Doodler Start STEM Series

This series features a range of Activity Kits that will naturally stimulate creativity and STEM thinking, such as problem solving, spatial reason, structural design and more, in a unique, fun and engaging way.

Kids can merge prehistoric with futuristic and bring their Jurassic creatures to life with the Robotic Dinosaur Activity Kit. Or make their own articulated action figures complete with ball and socket joints with the Make Your Own Figurines Activity Kit. The Science & Engineering Activity Kit further connects STEM activities with the real 3D world.

“The creation of the 3Doodler Start STEM Series marks an important next step for 3Doodler as a company.” said 3Doodler Co-Founder Daniel Cowen. “STEM and its importance to education is well documented and instrumental to the future of industries like engineering and architecture.

Watching some of our youngest users turn the 3Doodler Start into a tool for robotics and design is one of the most rewarding accomplishments we’ve had at 3Doodler to date and a critical part of evaluating and planning our long-term business strategy. Making 3D accessible to education is mission critical going forward.”

DoodleMold® Kits

Those looking to spark their artistic creativity and express their unique style will love the new DoodleMold® Kits in 2018! New kits include the Make Your Own Desserts Kit, the Make Your Own Food Keyring Kit, Make Your Own Masks Kit and the Make Your Own Eyeglasses Kit.

4 Ways We Gave Back In 2017

Dear 3Doodler Community,

First of all, I’d like to say a huge thank you to you for another fantastic year. As 2017 comes to an end, I’d like to take this opportunity to share some special community highlights with you.

3Doodler strives to be a company that inspires and enables you to make. Our products and activities reflect our ongoing commitment to our community of innovative Doodlers, talented artists, and last but not least, inspirational teachers and students. I hope these examples will place the spotlight on some very meaningful charities and talented individuals, and bring awareness to the difference they are making every day.

– Daniel Cowen, President & COO of 3Doodler

1. Adapting Our Product For All Users

Ever since we launched our first pen in 2013, we’ve received interest from members of the blind and low vision community, including teachers and students, all envisioning ways to use 3Doodler pens to create instant tactile graphics they can touch and feel. 2017 saw a breakthrough in this area, which we hope paves the way for blind and low vision users to create in entirely new ways.

Partnering with RNIB, UK’s leading charity supporting blind and partially sighted people, we adapted the 3Doodler Start with new features to make it easier for people with sight loss to use. These features include tactile markings on the pen itself, and audio instructions on our website, all aimed at helping users get started and orient the pen for 3D drawing.

See what BBC News reported

2. Encouraging Hands-on Learning in Classrooms

From Nov ‘16 to Feb ‘17, we partnered with DonorsChoose.org to help teachers make creative tech a reality for their classrooms. The US based non-profit organization enables donations directly to public school classroom projects. As part of our commitment to this,3Doodler matched each donation to classroom projects requesting a 3Doodler EDU Bundle. In 2016, 283 projects were fully funded, raising a total of $200K.

One year later, in Nov 2017, we launched a second campaign. At the time of writing this article, we’ve raised $65,263 and counting. We also allocated extra funds for special education teachers, and the response has been phenomenal. The message is clear: making our products easy to access for all types of learners will be one of our main focuses as we enter 2018. Watch this space!

3. Supporting Creators in all Shapes & Sizes

In 2017, there has been no shortage of creative talent. We’ve discovered, and been approached by, professional sculptors, fashion designers, art teachers, jewellery designers, as well as countless creators from different backgrounds, who all use the 3Doodler in ways we never imagined.

Sometimes creators need a little boost to shoot for their particular moon. We’ve offered feedback and advice to those who have asked, sponsored and encouraged artists to hold their first ever exhibition, and supported creators with 115 pens and 11,560 strands of plastic… In return, we’ve seen creations that made our jaws drop and our eyes ogle. ROI = priceless. These moments and collaborations give us the inspiration we need to do our best every day.

Some Artists We Worked With

4. Making Magic with Toys & Play

Play forms a huge and integral part of a child’s growth. We are a strong believer of Toy Industry Foundation’s mission to provide joy and comfort to children in need through the experience of toys and play. The Foundation makes play possible for families struggling in poverty, military families, kids undergoing cancer treatments, children with special needs, and many more.

We donated to the charity to help bring even more smiles and laughter to the lives of some very special kids.

With these efforts (and many more to come), 3Doodler is helping build a more innovative and caring world; supporting kids and adults who dare to imagine and create.

The New 3D Adult Coloring Book – Say Hi to Create Canvases

An easy starting point for beginner or seasoned Doodlers to create stunning results

I’m Kelley, Marketing Director at 3Doodler, and dare I say it, a timid Doodler.

Of course, like millions, I invested in the adult coloring book craze, the major draw being able to create something “artistic” that I was proud of – without fear that the final piece would fall far short of the creative vision in my head.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I am bit intimidated by a blank page. But armed with a template, where all I need to do is select colors and fill in the shapes, I have just the right amount of creative scope. And that’s OK.

It’s that same thinking that started us down the path to our new Create Canvas Series. What began as a brainstorm to help beginner users create complex items quickly and easily, soon led to a range of enticing ready-made shapes that could serve as a “canvas” to anyone’s unique creative potential.

In the lead up to launch we left some blank Canvases in the hands of a couple of seasoned Doodlers to see what they’d create – I think you’ll agree the results offer some decidedly non-intimidating and eye-catching ideas!

Cornelia Kuglmeier

Tell us about your design
My idea was to make functional items. I repurposed the skull Canvas into a popular symbol it represents – a pirate with a hat designed so the hollow pirate skull serves as a piggy bank – as pirates usually hide treasures.

For the Gnome, I transformed it into something unexpected, a dwarf queen! These would look cute in a group, with dwarf king, queen and maybe kids and citizens – create your dwarf community.

  • To create a hollow skull or Gnome, cover the canvas with tape and Doodle the front and the back, peel these off, and then join them together.

What did you like about the Canvas Series and what would you try next?
What I like is that the Canvas provides a shape that you’ve got to make yourself otherwise. It’s neat and white, you can doodle directly onto it, and also add to the shape (like adding hair, ears, etc.).

I’d like to try turn the skull into a little self-portrait. I think that would look cool! As I wear glasses, I might make the skull in a way that it can serve as a storage spot for my glasses! I’d also love to use more colours on it.

Who do you think the Canvas Series is good for? 
I think the Canvases are perfect for new, young or hesitant doodlers. You can create decorative or useful (or both) items for your living room, your own little piece of art or customized presents. Also, for students it’s an awesome tool to work with – students don’t have to spend time making molds or shapes with paper and tape, but can start doodling instantly.

Grace Du Prez

Tell us about your design
The design I made for the Skull Canvas is quite simplistic but I’m really pleased with how it looks. I used clear PLA and it really sparkles in the light. A little bit of Damien Hirst, Indiana Jones and Elsa!

What did you like about the Canvas Series and what would you try next?
I like the Canvases because it’s really easy to use and you can achieve great results. The next thing I’d like to make with the Skull Canvas is a Halloween headdress. 

Who do you think the Canvas Series is good for? 
I think the Canvases are a great starting point to spark inspiration. They’re a perfect way to give a helping hand to an ambitious doodler.

Kira Albarus

Tell us about your design
The vase design I went for is a modern geometric pattern in a contrasting, simple color palette. I like this design as it looks pretty slick and fits well into any modern home.

The box set is also a minimal design approach with a simple color scheme of black, white, silver and gold. I liked the idea of using the boxes to separate different types of jewelry – they’re the perfect size for it!

  • The Box and Vase Canvas Sets are made from a transparent material, so you can print or draw a design on paper, line the inside of the canvas and trace the outside surface with the 3Doodler.

What did you like about the Canvas Series and what would you try next?
Using a printed stencil on the inside of the Canvas worked really well with these two pieces! In the future, I would love to try something more playful and add more 3-dimensional parts to the canvas, maybe a scary Halloween skull with an eye-ball hanging out. 

Who do you think the Canvas Series is good for? 
The Canvas series is great for anyone creative who loves adding a personal touch to their home decor. It’s also a nice project if you are just getting started with the pen, as it doesn’t require building complex 3D shapes. 


Watch How You Can Create it Your Way with 3Doodler Create Canvas Series:

The Create Canvas Series are available here as: Box Set, Skull, Vases, and Gnome.

Learn More

Create Your Own Superhero

Your childhood dream has been realized: you can now Powerpuff Yourself in 3D!

Lift your Powerpuff Yourself avatar off the screen and into your hands with the all new Cartoon Network themed 3Doodler Start Powerpuff Yourself Pen Set!

Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls captures our hearts with its empowering messages, sisterly bonds, and action-packed adventures.

In 2016, Cartoon Network celebrated the new reimagined series by launching Powerpuff Yourself, which allowed fans to create and customize powerpuff avatars in their own image. Unsurprisingly, this became an instant internet craze, and #PowerpuffYourself was the number one Twitter hashtag at the time!

You can’t just buy superpowers

But you can buy a pen to create some.

Powerpuff Yourself enabled fans to engage with Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup and empowered them to unleash their creativity – while having a lot of fun in the process. This is exactly the kind of experience (and more!) that we would love our community to have while creating with our pen. Prepare yourself for hours of addictive fun, equipped with a special edition ‘black sparkle’ 3Doodler Start Printing Pen, The Powerpuff Girls DoodleMold, so you can shape the perfect head & eyes every time, and themed DoodleBlocks for any must have clothes and accessories. Don’t forget to clear your shelves for those adorable powerpuff characters to be displayed!

We shouldn’t judge people by what they look like

But everyone wants to look good.

When we got our first Powerpuff Yourself sets in the office, the team were beyond excited about the process of designing and making their own mini-me Powerpuff Yourself characters. And using the Powerpuff Yourself avatar update from last Fall, we also chose a superpower to go with our characters, because why not. Here are a few cool ones:

Kira, Junior Designer

Superpower: Super fierce
Why: I didn’t choose my power. My power chose me!

Jim, Product Manager – Ecommerce

Superpower: Friend Defender
Why: Friends and family first!

Sceroz, Senior Designer

Superpower: Bighearted
Why: Because kindness matters.

Daniel, Co-President & COO

Superpower: Injustice Destroyer
Why: Justice = Cool

Kay, Customer Experience Manager

Superpower: Injustice Destroyer
Why: Err…I like sweets!

Faraz, Creative Director

Superpower: Selfie Smasher
Why: Makes me feel young again.

Honestly, we all had so much fun in the office making these characters, only to look around and find other members of the 3Doodler team shamelessly demanding “make me, make me!”. The bottom line is, even without Chemical X, you can still create your very own piece of sugar, spice and everything nice when you let your creativity flow.

Can’t wait to Powerpuff Yourself in 3D? You can get your own 3Doodler Start Powerpuff Yourself Pen Set today! Already got a 3Doodler Start Pen? Then grab the 3Doodler Start Powerpuff Yourself Activity Kit.

Watch Kelley Powerpuff Herself here:

Power me up

6 New Themed Kits for 3Doodler Create

Decorate your home, cater a party, or recreate architectural masterpieces in meticulous detail.

Introducing six new project kits for 3Doodler Create. With a wide range of activities to choose from, these kits have everything you need to create, including detailed stencils, step-by-step instructions, and specially selected plastic.

Doodled Designs: Tiffany Candle Holders

Louis Comfort Tiffany first pioneered his Art Nouveau Tiffany Lamp glass designs in 1878, taking inspiration from Roman and Syrian medieval glass techniques to create a new type of glass known for its brilliant colors.

Now you can recreate the detail and magic of Tiffany’s glass with a kit inspired by his designs.

The Tiffany Candle Holder brings the Art Nouveau style to three original nature scenes. The square Hummingbird Field, the round Koi Pond, and the Fall Butterfly with a multi-level edge and 3D butterfly attachment.

Lifelike Doodling: Flower Bouquet

Bring the fine art of flower arrangement into your home with a bouquet that will never wilt.

Create endless array of possibilities by balancing large blooms like Gerbera Daisies, Roses, and Sunflowers with the delicate accents of Baby’s Breath, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Ferns.

An entire garden is at your fingertips to create a unique arrangement for every room.

Festive Functions: Party Decor

Looking to throw a picture-perfect party that shows off your creative side?

Whether you’re hosting a fun birthday bash, cozy holiday celebration, or upscale dinner party, this collection of party accessories lets you customize your decor to suit your event.

With baubles, napkin rings, place cards, cupcake toppers and more, you can be sure to throw a party to remember.

Cultural Icons: Tuk Tuk

Recreate a staple of Southeast Asian street life, and take on the Tuk Tuk.

Imagine yourself barreling down the streets of Bangkok or ambling through the ruins of Angkor Wat in the back of these iconic motorized vehicles.

Moving parts and minute details in the project kit stencils let you bring a piece of modern history to life.

Amazing Architecture: Fallingwater

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater

Celebrate Frank Lloyd Wright’s 150th birthday with a carefully crafted recreation of one of his most famous buildings.

Fallingwater showcases Wright’s ideals of creating harmony between architecture and nature.

In collaboration with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, the Licensed Project Kit includes detailed stencils created from the original Fallingwater floor plans, so anyone can create Wright’s masterpiece in miniature scale.

Modernist Masterpieces: Farnsworth House

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House

Apply your modeling skills to the modernist movement, with this recreation of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s most iconic structure.

The simple geometric construction of The Farnsworth House makes modeling it an exercise in precision, as the smallest details and lines can affect the end result.

Honor this National Historic Landmark with this Licenced Project Kit, created in collaboration with the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

All six of these new 3Doodler Create Project Kits are available now, exclusively from our online store. What will you create?

A Model for Modernism

At a dinner party in 1945, famed architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was approached with an offer.

Prominent Chicago nephrologist Dr. Edith Farnsworth wanted Mies to create a weekend getaway along the Fox River in Plano, Illinois. The offer was for Mies to design the house as if it were for himself.

The result was the culmination of the unique take on modernist architecture for which Mies became an icon. With the launch of a new 3Doodler Create themed kit for the Farnsworth House, we take a look at the inspiration and architectural movement behind this stunning example of modernism.

A Higher Unity

While many modernist architects believed architecture should be used to socially engineer human behavior and guide occupants to higher ideals, Mies used his buildings differently.

Farnsworth House by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

His architecture still represented his ideals and aspirations, but instead of constructing in a way to carefully engineer a result, Mies instead focused on freedom of movement and use. With a minimal framework and expressed structural columns, his buildings offered and open space in which inhabitants could express their own spirit—something he saw as crucial to elevating the harmony between architecture and humanity.

"In its simplest form architecture is rooted in entirely functional considerations, but it can reach up through all degrees of value to the highest sphere of spiritual existence into the realm of pure art."-Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Share

Mies often reflects the industrial culture he saw as growing in the United States within his own architectural aesthetic, and uses this to offer occupants a flexible and unobstructed space.

His ultimate purpose was to join together natural elements with culture and construction. “We should attempt to bring nature, houses, and the human being to a higher unity,” Mies once said, and he reflected this ideal through designs featuring glass walls and few solid exterior walls.

Part of a Larger Whole

Constructed in a pastoral setting, the Farnsworth House is a clear culmination of the modernist ideals Mies sought to bring together in his designs.

"If you view nature through the glass walls of the Farnsworth House, it gains a more profound significance than if viewed from the outside. That way more is said about nature—it becomes part of a larger whole."-Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Share

The singular geometric form of the house is simple in the extreme, constructed of steel and glass with a minimal form. The one-room rectangular structure sits parallel to the Fox River, with a perpendicular cross axis directly facing the river and nature.

Elevated 5 feet and 3 inches above the ground, and with floor-to-ceiling glass as the outer walls, the Farnsworth House appears to be floating within the natural landscape around it.

The glass walls encircle an open floor plan with a core wooden block containing the toilet and kitchen—a wooden room nesting inside the larger glass rectangle. Each area of the living space—areas for sleeping, eating, sitting, and cooking—is suggested by the arrangement, but ultimately the inhabitant is free to decide the use of space as they desire.

An Icon of Modernism

To honor this National Historic Landmark and icon of modernist architecture, 3Doodler is pleased to present a unique Farnsworth House theme kit for 3Doodler Create.

The 3Doodler Farnsworth House Kit

In collaboration with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Licensed Project Kit includes detailed stencils created from the original Farnsworth floor plans, so anyone can create this modernist masterpiece in miniature scale. The kit also includes a visual step-by-step guide and four packs of ABS plastic to replicate the original structure. Learn more about the the making of this kit here.

The Farnsworth House Kit will be available alongside Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater Kit. Sign up for notifications on the release of these new kits:

Falling for Frank Lloyd Wright

The father of organic architecture turns 150 years old in June. The impact of interior designer, architect, writer, and educator, Frank Lloyd Wright can still be seen today.

Having designed over 1,000 structures in his lifetime, the work of Frank Lloyd Wright has made a lasting impact on architecture and design. In celebration of his 150th birthday, we are pleased to present a new 3Doodler Create Project Kit for Wright’s signature example of organic architecture, Fallingwater.

Celebrating 150 Years

With 532 completed structures over the span of a 70-year career, Frank Lloyd Wright has become an icon of American architecture. Twelve of his buildings are listed amongst Architectural Record’s hundred most important buildings of the century.

"We are all here to develop a life more beautiful, more concordant, more fully expressive of our own sense of pride and joy than ever before in the world."-Frank Lloyd Wright Share

Wright firmly believed that architecture was “the mother of all the arts,” and approached each design with this intensity of conviction. His aim to was to reflect the landscape, people, culture, and feel of America within his own designs and architecture.

With dramatic new shapes and designs, Wright developed what he called “organic architecture”, representing what he saw as the harmonious connection of the citizens of the United States with both each other, and to the land they call home. As such, his homes center around shared spaces such as the dining table, music rooms, and terraces to encourage a sense of community and closeness to both family and nature.


None of Wright’s structures reflects the harmony between architecture and nature better than Fallingwater.

"The making of a good building, the harmonious building, one adapted to its purposes and to life, [is] a blessing to life and a gracious element added to life, is a great moral performance."-Frank Lloyd Wright Share

Constructed between 1936 and 1939, the residence was designed for the Kaufmann family in southwest Pennsylvania. Stretching over a 30-foot waterfall, the house is a shining example of Wright’s commitment to a unique architectural design that integrates family life with natural surroundings.

While the Kaufmanns had requested a house with a view of the waterfall, Wright wanted them to instead live with the water itself, and to make the falls an integral part of their everyday life. His organic design was detailed down to the colors, with only two distinct colors used in the final building, both tied closely to the materials used—the light ochre of the concrete, and Wright’s own signature Cherokee red on the steel.

Since Fallingwater first opened its doors to the public in 1964, over 4.5 million visitors have come to see Wright’s architectural masterpiece first-hand.

Recreating a Piece of History

To honor this National Historic Landmark and icon of organic architecture, 3Doodler is pleased to present a unique Fallingwater theme kit for 3Doodler Create.

In collaboration with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, the Licensed Project Kit includes detailed stencils created from the original Fallingwater floor plans, so anyone can create Wright’s masterpiece in miniature scale. The kit also includes a visual step-by-step guide and four packs of ABS plastic to replicate the exact colors of the original structure. Learn more about the the making of this kit here.

Celebrate Frank Lloyd Wright’s 150th Birthday by recreating one of the most powerful pieces of American architecture. Sign up for notifications on the release of this new kit at the3Doodler.com.

Pastel Perfection

Last year we went bold and bright with our four Create colors. For 2017, we decided to go a different route.

With a perfectly pastel palette, our brand new Create colors are designed for those who prefer subtlety and sophistication to match their creative personalities.

Back in Blue

Cold winter weather is no reason to feel blue, especially with our new Powder Blue 3Doodler Create! Soft and subtle, this new color is perfect for daydreaming of clear spring skies to let your imagination soar.

Blue is constantly one of our most popular colours, and we have a full range of shades in our store to keep you Doodling:

PLA Clearly Teal,PLA TealTastic, PLA Island Blue, PLA Baby Blue, PLA Clearly Blue, PLA Blue Steel, PLA Royal Blue, ABS Grand Bleu, ABS Totally Teal, ABS Lagoon Blue, FLEXY Aqua

Get a Rosy Outlook

We know all that glitters isn’t gold, but our new Rose Gold pen will have you Doodling your own creations worth more than any shiny metals. Match all your accessories with the most popular color of the season!

Want to create Doodles that will tickle you pink? Check out these shades available from our store:

PLA Cotton Candy Pink, PLA Pink Flamingo, PLA Luscious Lilac, PLA Clearly Pink, ABS Hot Pink

Take the Hint

Green is great with our new Hint of Lime Create. Whether you’re dreaming of spring or looking for a color choice to reflect your environmentally-friendly outlook, this pastel green pen is perfect for making a statement.

Check out these complimentary shades of plastic from our store for Doodles that will make others green with envy:

PLA Practically Pistachio, PLA Clearly Green, PLA Greener Grass, PLA Rainforest Green, PLA Minty Fresh, ABS Grrreally Green, ABS EverGreen, FLEXY Aqua

Butter Makes it Better

If you’re looking for a pen to match your sunny disposition, or a personality as sweet as sugar, look no further than our new Butterscotch Create! Show off your shining personality as you Doodle happily away.

Make your Doodles match in mellow yellow or glittering gold with this selection from our store:

PLA Clearly Yellow, PLA Radioactive Yellow, PLA French Vanilla, PLA Rubber Ducky Yellow, PLA Gangsta Gold, ABS Super Yellow, ABS Sunnyside Yellow, FLEXY Yellow


Be sure to show us your Doodles, creative spaces, and how your 3Doodler reflects your personality by tagging us @3Doodler and using #3Doodler and #WhatWillYouCreate

Design. Elevated. Introducing the 3Doodler PRO

In 2013, we made the world’s first 3D printing pen a reality. In 2015, we upped our game with the 3Doodler 2.0. In 2016, we aimed higher with the 3Doodler Create, and introduced a new generation to the wonders of 3D art with the 3Doodler Start.

Now we’re taking 3D printing pen technology to the next level, with the world’s most advanced 3D printing pen designed specifically for creative professionals.

The 3Doodler Pro

Designed With Professionals In Mind

As the first professional-grade 3D printing pen, the 3Doodler PRO is a unique and versatile prototyping tool.

Modular Prototyping

Its wide range of materials and applications makes it perfect for architects, engineers, designers, artists and other creative professionals.

Bring designs and ideas off the page to create models and prototypes that can help enhance concept development and aid in communicating vision and direction.

“What really makes the PRO so unique is how the device and materials come together to answer the needs of professionals,” says 3Doodler CEO and Co-founder Maxwell Bogue. “When we started the 3Doodler journey back in 2013, we had world-leading architects telling us ‘I want to do this’.”

“With new materials like polycarbonate that dream is a reality. The high-performance PRO can be used for the most advanced purposes to bring concepts to life, and become an integral part of the creative process.”

More Materials, More Design Options

Along with 3Doodler’s extensive range of PLA, ABS, and FLEXY plastics, the 3Doodler PRO introduces a range of new materials to expand design potential.

Wood filament

Made from real bronze and copper, the metal filaments create sturdy and heavier structures that can be polished or sanded for more shine.

Made from real wood fibers, these filaments can make both delicate and heavy-duty creations that can be sanded or stained in a variety of finishes.

The nylon filament has a fabric-like feel, and can be dyed into different colors with fabric dyes.

This rigid filament has a high melting point, and so structures created with polycarbonate can withstand high temperatures without damaging.

Polycarbonate filament

Total Control At Your Fingertips

Speed / Temperature Dials

The 3Doodler PRO gives you complete creative control and the ability to fine-tune your work as needed while creating.

With adjustable dials, you control both speed and temperature and the LCD display ensures you always know exactly what temperature you’re using. The built-in, high-speed variable fan also gives you control over how quickly materials cool.

A revamped drive system keeps the PRO going longer even under intense use and is designed to handle the wide range of 3Doodler materials.

All of this encased in a sleek carbon-fiber shell.

3Doodler Pro Vase Design Series
At A Glance
  • Can handle ABS, PLA and FLEXY along with new range of wood, copper, bronze, nylon, and polycarbonate filaments

  • Temperature dial allows for adjustment from 100°C to 250°C

  • LCD display showing desired temperature and indicators for each level

  • Dial-controlled variable speed settings between 10% and 100%

  • Side switch adjusts cooling fan: Off, Low, High

  • Larger and more advanced drive allows for wider range of materials, and for prolonged intensive use

  • Carbon fiber shell

  • Priced from US$249.99

The 3Doodler PRO is available now from our dedicated website. See more PRO designs and concepts by following 3Doodler PRO on Instagram.

3Doodler Create vs 2.0

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the newest addition to our family of pens, the 3Doodler Create!

While it might not look too different from the 2.0, the Create is a whole new pen! And just like your mother always told you, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. That’s why we’ve put together a handy comparison guide for you to get to know the Create better – from the inside out!

10 Things to Love About the 3Doodler Start

Introducing the 3Doodler Start, the world’s first truly kid-safe 3D printing pen! We love the newest addition to the 3Doodler family. Simple to use, the 3Doodler Start makes creating easy, engaging, and fun! Here’s 10 reasons why we think you’ll love the Start too…

1. Totally Touchable

The 3Doodler Start has no exposed hot parts, which means no risks of burnt fingers! Not only that, our amazing Eco-Plastic melts at super low temperatures, so it comes out of the pen at a totally touchable temperature.

2. Wonderfully Wireless

With the 3Doodler Start, you can Doodle anywhere, anytime! Charge it up and get 45-60 minutes of Doodle-tastic wireless use.

3. Ready to Reboot

Make your old toys last longer with Doodled repairs made with the 3Doodler Start. Doodle a new head or costume for an action figure, a ramp for toy cars to jump, or create entire scenes and accessories for imaginative fun!

4. Helpfully Hands-on

The 3Doodler Start’s incredible Eco-Plastic is easy to mold and shape before it hardens into a permanent form. Get your Doodles looking exactly how you want them by fine tuning with your fingertips!

5. Without Waste

Our Eco-Plastic is entirely environmentally friendly (hence the name!) and will decompose in your back yard or in any household compost! Mother Earth, you’re welcome!

6. So, So Simple

The 3Doodler Start has one temperature, one speed setting, and one button. Simply turn it on, insert a strand, and start Doodling!

7. Engaging Education

With the hands-on help of the 3Doodler Start, kids can develop the skills needed for design, planning, building, and spatial understanding!

8. DoodleBlocks for Building

Kids will love using the new 3Doodler Start DoodleBlocks to create beautiful, accurate Doodles across a range of themes.

9. Extending Exploration

One plastic strand of our Eco-Plastic can make Doodles up to 10 times its original length. How many Doodles can you make?

10. Undeniably Unique

In case you missed it, the 3Doodler Start is the first 3D printing pen that’s truly safe for kids aged 8+.

The 3Doodler Start is available now from our online store along with a full range of DoodleBlock kits, accessories and Eco-Plastics.

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