Wire sculptures on black surface, 3D pen art.

Driven to Design with PRO+

Since it first hit the market, the 3Doodler PRO+ has been the go-to 3D pen for professional creators everywhere. The pen’s extraordinary features ensure that artists, designers, and architects have precise control and enhanced comfort while working in 3D.

3D pen and book inside Pro Box for 3D pen designs.

The sleek and stylish design of the PRO+ ensures that it sits comfortably in the hand for hours of use. And an easy-to-read digital control panel offers custom temperature and speed settings.

Explore some of the unique aspects of this best-in-class 3D pen and see why creators will be sure to have the 3Doodler PRO+ on their wish list!

Simply The Best 3D Pen

  • Creative 3D pen art with light bulb on table - Slider Pro
  • Table 3d pen art: Light bulb design
  • Decorative ball with lit candle: Pro Slider 3D pen art.

Artists and tech enthusiasts agree that the 3Doodler PRO+ is the most versatile 3D pen available today. Comfort, style, and precision are just a few of the unique features of the pen. Additionally, designers can explore a range of materials — copper, bronze, wood, and nylon along with PLA and ABS plastics.

With a set of 6 interchangeable nozzles, creators have a range of finishes to explore. Unlike a 3D printer, the 3Doodler PRO+ offers maximum flexibility in the palm of your hand to take creative concepts further than ever before.

"The PRO pen is most useful when integrating finer details into a sketch model and visualizing how the design could fit into a landscape or general architectural setting."-Wendy Fok, Creative Director Share

Simple Solutions to Everyday Problems

Beyond creative application, the 3Doodler PRO+ is also a handy household tool. Imagine designing your own quick fix to an everyday issue around the house without complicated technology and heavy tools. Now you can with the push of a button. The 3Doodler PRO+ solves various everyday problems with a selection of finishes from wood, metal, or plastic.

As noted in a review by Engadget, the 3Doodler PRO+ speeds up the creative process and enables work that wasn’t even an option before. Experience creative freedom in the palm of your hand and bring ideas to life in a fraction of the time.

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