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The Top 10 Reasons 3Doodler Inspires Zen in the Classroom

I always got a chuckle from David Letterman’s Top 10! lists. Sure, they were funny, but there was always a kernel of truth. The 3Doodler is similar. It’s a funny little tool, but it offers so much value. I’ve already written about its academic benefits, but did you know that it’s also a great tool for inspiring Zen inside your classroom? Here’s a list I crafted to share the top 10 reasons why.

3D piggy bank and mouse toy on white surface (3D pen art)

10. It’s affordable.

Therefore, teachers do not need to feel stressed about tapping into their own budgets to score a top-notch technology tool that packs a lot of power for the punch.

9. It’s as simple as drawing with a crayon to get started.

No need to read a long list of instructions or attend long hours of professional development. You can dive right in and so can your students. That should take a load off your mind.

8. It will keep your students engaged.

Your students will be so quiet when they doodle, that you’ll be known as the teacher with the most well-behaved students in the school! The 3Doodler can actually alter your students’ physical and emotional experience, allowing them time for introspection, possibly leading to improved decision making. A teacher can dream, can’t she?

7. It is truly child-friendly.

Time working with the 3Doodler is time spent away from digital devices that may bombard and overstimulate your students. Plus, unlike using a laptop or tablet, you don’t need to be on hyper-alert, patrolling computer screens in case students have wandered off-site.

6. It keeps everyone happy.

The 3Doodler is an effective tool in improving students’ moods, as they happily create and discover while learning. And, happy students mean a happier teacher! Right?

5. It may help reduce stress levels.

Researchers have discovered that doodling inspires wellness, which quiets the brain and may lead to decreased levels of adrenaline incited by recess and missing homework assignments. Ugh!

4. It creates “Aha!” moments.

The 3Doodler is inspirational. As students use it, they make connections that lead to insights. This kind of inspiration is contagious and will spread throughout your room. What a marvelous thing!

3. It embraces all types of learners.

It’s one size fits all. Doodling is a universal. We all doodle. With this type of lowered level of expectation, students have happy accidents that are needed for new learning.

2. It silences the inner-critic in all of us.

In fact, the word “doodle” sounds so silly and humorous, that students will feel relaxed enough to try new things, take risks and make mistakes. This will make your classroom a more productive place to be.

3D pen art: Three orange cell phones on white surface.

1. It’s just fun and relaxing.

And the top reason why the 3Doodlers will inspire Zen in your classroom is that a relaxed mind is better equipped to solve problems. So, instead of plying your students with sugary mints before their next exam, bring out the 3Doodlers.

Remember these tips the next time you or your students are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or need inspiration and pass out the 3Doodlers. It’s on the shelf right next to that bottle of aspirins and a lot healthier for everyone!

Julia Dweck is a public school teacher who works with students in grades K-5, focusing on the importance of creative and open-ended thinking. Julia is the 2016 winner of the Da Vinci Science Award for her innovative integration of technology in the classroom.

She serves as a school resource and exemplar for inventive implementation of the arts and sciences. Julia encourages her students, friends, and peers to take risks, whenever possible, in order to grow. Follow her on Twitter @GiftedTawk

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