Learn 3D Pen Art

with Grace Du Prez

We’ve collaborated with Bluprint, a creative learning platform for makers, seekers, and doers, to bring you a beginner-friendly video series.
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Doodling Basics

Getting Started

What’s the right type of plastic to use? How do you Doodle in the air? Grace shows you how to master the basics of Doodling with the 3Doodler Create+.


Doodle to Build


Learn how to build a colorful Terrarium using stencils, and then how to assemble the structure. Display your Terrarium proudly in your home, and tell guests that you did it yourself!


Doodle to Decorate

Lantern Lights

Watch how you can use balloons to make these beautiful Lantern Lights. Customize the lights to suit your home, or use different colors for a party atmosphere!


Doodle to Personalize

Pop Art Phone Case

Turn an ordinary smartphone into an avocado, or any pattern that you desire. Make a set of phone cases that you can switch around depending on your mood and outfit!


Doodle to Design

Clutch Bag

This Clutch Bag looks more complicated than it is! Simply Doodle over the stencil and follow a few steps to assemble this custom basket weave style bag for a real wow factor.

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