3D pen art: Hand holding string ball with internal string ball

2021 Summer Rewind

The summer has flown by and the season for pumpkin spice lattes is officially upon us. As we bid adieu to summer, let’s embrace one last mouthwatering activity.

Ice, Ice Baby

If your ice cream cone never melts, can summer really end? You decide! Whether you are trying to channel your inner creativity, or you are looking for a fun hands-on activity to do with your kids on National Ice Cream Cone Day (Sept 22) – this is the project for you!

  • 3D pen art: Person holding colorful ice cream cone
  • Purple and green ice cream 3D pen art held by someone - Original C Ed D D C Bde E Fa Pxl.
  • 3Doodler art: Pxl araffe ice cream in cone

Here Connie__Doodles whipped up some very realistic ice cream cones using her 3Doodler Create+ 3D pen and our Create+ PLA Pastel bundle of filament.

We did our own variation of this Doodle as well – because….can you really ever have enough ice cream?! Check out this week’s tutorial for some smaller ice cream cones with a few different topping options. Although you can’t eat these, they can be fun kitchen decorations or excellent props for any kid’s kitchen!


Summer rewind

As summer comes to an official end on September 21st let’s take a moment to reflect back on some of the fun we had Doodling. We did a lot and covered some exciting events, including the launch of our Start+ 3D Pen!


We can’t forget about starting out the summer on a creepy-crawly note with bugs. We also had an awesome cicada Doodle since Billions of Brood X cicadas emerged across the eastern US in the early summer.

Read the blog


We Doodled selfies in June. This fun activity helped turn our photos into real tangible objects. And give us an excuse to have some screen-free time.

Doodle a selfie


STEM week was a big hit. We laid out a week’s worth of STEM activities perfect for a classroom or an at-home Doodle camp. We capped things off with a tutorial on how to draw a robot 3D robot.

Read about STEM week


In July, we launched our new START+ 3D printing pen. With a new design, quicker charging time, 50% more Eco-Plastic and an all-new activity guide featuring 10 projects, any kid who opens this package will experience success right out of the box. We also shared a tutorial of an exclusive Doodle from the activity guide – a dream catcher.

Doodle a dream catcher


It was a whale of a time when we headed to the beach in July. In addition to sharing ideas about how to spend your time at the beach we also shared how to Doodle some sea life, you might stumble upon when you’re there.

Doodle some sea life


We got ready to head back to school. In this fun blog, we showed you ways you could create your own style using Doodles. And how to Doodle a shiny apple for your new teacher.

Doodle some sea life


There were many more, but these were our favorites. In case you missed any of our blogs this summer or want to go back and revisit your favorites not seen above see every blog here and every tutorial here.

Don’t forget to share your pirate get up with @3Doodler #3Doodler #WhatWillYouCreate.











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