Black backpack with red strawberry & 3D pen: a vibrant 3D pen creation.

Are You Back to School Ready?

As a parent, making sure your child has everything they need to kick off the new school year is important, no doubt about it. But outside of the material things, it’s equally important to make sure their school is providing the best educational opportunities for learning in the 21st century.

This is where advocating for how your child learns, and engaging with their teacher or administration, comes into play. Depending on your child’s age and grade level, you might advocate for different things. For us at 3Doodler, we are big believers in the benefits of fostering a STEM culture both at school and at home, and all that comes with it.

What is STEM and Why is it Important?

STEM is short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM Education makes learning “real” and gives students opportunities to see the connection between the content they are studying and the application of that content in authentic and relevant ways. STEM teaching encourages a hands-on creative learning environment to help develop their problem-solving skills. While some schools may have a STEM class, we advocate for a culture of STEM learning to be adopted into any class or subject matter.

You probably have also heard of STEAM, which adds “Arts” into the mix. The concept here is that by adding Arts, you are adding creative thinking and design skills to STEM projects so that students can imagine a variety of ways to use STEM skills into adulthood. STEAM uses design methods to approach STEM subjects creatively, and make them real-world relevant to all students, not just those already interested.

So if this kind of learning and teaching sounds interesting to you, or you think could be helpful for your child, send their teachers a quick email to ask how they are embracing STEM learning in the classroom this year, or if nothing else, be sure to ask about it in your next Parent-Teacher Conference.

Can’t forget to Doodle

If you are in the South or West coast, you’ve likely already started school. If you’re on the East coast, you might be preparing for school to start next month. Regardless of which camp you fall into, we thought this would be a great time to bring out some functional Back to School stencil favorites. So if you need pencil caps, cord holders, or a pencil box we’ve got you covered!


In this week’s tutorial, we also have a fun back-to-school project. The days of sending your child to school with a real consumable apple for their teacher might be over, but the tradition can live on! We show you how to Doodle an apple instead with this fun stencil. Your child can use this as a conversation starter to explain how much fun they had Doodling it, and it can also symbolize the fact that you recognize the work your teacher, and the school, is putting into fostering a STEM-based culture.


Special Announcement

Be on the lookout for a special back-to-school sale starting later this week on August 26th and running until September 7th. There will be specials on Start+ and Create+ Learn From Home and a special new add-on bundle will be available.


Don’t forget to share your back-to-school Doodles with @3Doodler #3Doodler #WhatWillYouCreate.

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