Shell resting on sandy beach 3D pen art.

Come Out of Your Shell This Summer!

It’s officially summertime, and we’re in the mood to celebrate. Let’s start by exploring one of the most iconic symbols of summer — the seashell.

Shells are the hard exoskeleton of soft animals called mollusks; they support and protect mollusks’ bodies from danger. Mollusks are able to grow their own shells using a muscle called the mantle. Like human hair, shells are a part of mollusks’ bodies, but they are not alive themselves.

3D pen art: Hand holding food on beach.

Here are some fascinating facts about seashells from the folks at Mental Floss.

When a mollusk dies, its body disappears. However, the shell it created is left behind. That’s why we’re able to find and collect so many shells on the beach. While some people collect seashells as a hobby, others use shells to create interesting art and other projects.

Looking to get creative with shells, but not planning a trip to the beach right now? No problem! We’ll show you how to doodle your own seashells with your 3D pen and plastics. Check out this tutorial to get started today.

Getting Crafty with Shells

From flower pots to night lights, there are so many cool projects that you can make with shells — whether you created your shells with your 3D pen and plastics, or you found them on the beach.

Shell Cmyk

Here are some fun shell ideas that are inspiring us this summer:
  • Imagine adorable sea creatures. Think about what type of creature lived in the shells you’ve collected. Using your 3D pen and plastics, draw the creature in the shell. Not sure who lived there? Imagine your own, unique sea creature and proudly doodle it in a shell. 

  • Create a mermaid spoon. Use your shells to create spoons of various sizes! Wash the shells thoroughly, then drill a small hole at the top end of each. With your 3D pen and plastics, doodle colorful spoon handles to the shells using any design you can imagine. 

  • Make a fish magnet. Glue your shells together in the shape of fish, then use your 3D pen and plastics to draw eyes, a mouth, fins, and colorful scales on your creations. Once the glue and plastic have hardened, attach a magnet to the back of each fish so you can affix the whole school to your fridge.

  • Create a candle holder. Pour a mixture of crayons and votive candle wax into a seashell to create your own candles. Once the wax has dried, embellish your candle holder with designs using your 3D pen and plastics. 

  • Color your shells. Many people paint seashells they find on the beach. But, you can take this activity to the next level with your 3D pen. Trace the most beautiful shells you find in the sand this summer, or create 3D designs on your shells using 3Doodler’s assortment of plastics — metallic colors, neon colors, or pastels

Hand holding beach shell - 3D pen art

No matter what you decide to create with your seashells, remember that half the fun is collecting them! Enjoy your time on the beach. And, don’t forget to share your shell crafts with us @3Doodler #WhatWillYouCreate!

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