White lotus flower illuminated on table, a stunning 3D pen art.

Crafty Ideas to Rule Your Room

It’s that time of year when college students head back to campus and deck out their dorm rooms with a goal of maximizing space and making it feel like home.

In fact, dorm tours and transformations are sweeping across TikTok with amazing results for super traditional spaces. Clearly, how you decorate your room says a lot about your sense of style. After reviewing all the recommendations, there are a few common themes that stand out to make a space comfortable, stylish, and cozy.

3Doodler has a bunch of DIY projects to complement each theme and help kickstart your creativity. The following trends are sure to help design a relaxing and functional space you can enjoy!

1. Make It Bright

Be sure to think about how to place lighting around your room. Consider how you’ll use your space – read, work, craft, and sleep. All these areas benefit from different lighting. You may want a reading lamp near your bed or desk to focus on your work. A smaller light may work well on a bedside table or dresser to add ambiance. Finally, consider fairy or LED lights for a cozier feel.

The lotus light is a fun project that adds a bit of relaxation to your room. Design it in the color of your choice to get the right ambiance for your room!

Download Stencil

  • Watch the video tutorial for tips to create the curved petals and to attach the pieces together for the final result.

2. Express Yourself

No room is complete without a few decorative touches that speak to your personality. A fun print on a chair or throw pillows might do the trick. A custom picture frame or cork board to add photos and artwork are fun to feature too. Take your time to make your space your own with items that speak to your personality. A Pinterest board is a great way to add and save ideas as you go from colors to fabrics and more.

Picture frames are easy to design using a stencil or doodle a more decorative version that incorporates different elements. The choice is yours!

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  • 3D pen art: Dog lying on deck in photoframe.
  • Young girl's 3D pen artwork displayed in photoframe.

3. Outdoors In

Greenery in any form helps boost creativity and concentration. Plants make a great addition to any space but it can take time to keep them healthy and fresh. Succulents are the easiest plants to maintain when time is tight.

3Doodler offers a succulent template too if you’re looking for an easy option to bring the outside in. Feature on a desk or shelf to bring a pop of green into your space.

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  • Succulents vary in style and color. Explore the options and doodle others.

4. Maximize Space

Organizing items to reduce clutter and make the most of each inch in your room is always important. Add storage with cubbies and consider shelving to neatly arrange books and other study materials. Small bowls and jars make great places to store keys, pens, pencils and more. Place them in a convenient location to quickly drop items when you’re on the go.

These DIY bowls are made from wood, but could be crafted out of any material that suits your space. An organizer is a great way to sort supplies and keep things tidy. Grab your pen and choose the colors that best complement your room for these easy-to-create designs!

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5. Add Whimsy

At home or at college, spaces need to feel comfortable and engaging. Including some whimsical items creates a sense of fun and offers up a few pieces that spark conversation. Whether it’s an item from home to bring about good memories or a new decorative piece that inspires your imagination, these items can go a long way to making your space unique and relaxing.

Enjoy a morning coffee or tea while protecting your furniture with these delicate and decorative coasters. Upcycle everyday items like a jar and create a one-of-kind piece like this pineapple container to conceal candy stash. These ideas are sure to impress and are quick and easy to create with your 3D pen!

  • 3D pen art: Pineapple in jar with green leaf.
  • Small blue flower on green leaf - 3D pen art

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