3Doodler pen catapult launches mini pumpkins at tower.

Curriculum from the Cauldron: Halloween STEM

October is just around the corner, and one thing is on students’ minds… Halloween!

We know that they can hardly contain the excitement as October 31st inches closer. To help you bring some focused fun to your lessons, we have compiled a list of STEM projects with some Halloween flare. They can be adapted as needed for your hybrid learning needs.

Spooky STEM Activity for All Grades!

STEM Challenge: Catapult Pumpkin Launch

Have you ever heard of a pumpkin launch? We have just the activity to help you do it in your classroom.


Share the Goal

Pairs of students will create a pumpkin launcher that shoots mini pumpkins the farthest in the classroom. There will be at least 2 rounds of the pumpkin launch so that each partner can launch the pumpkin.

The components of the catapult The components of the catapult
  1. Split students into pairs.
  2. Have the students discuss and write down two hypotheses regarding the launch, such as whether a half a pumpkin would go farther or less far than a whole pumpkin, or if any modifications, such as the size of the catapult, could affect the distance the pumpkin goes.
  3. Have them each Doodle parts of one Catapult Stencil to make a small scale pumpkin launcher. *Students can split the stencil in half and take turns Doodling the component pieces together to make the final product.
  4. Once the Doodled pumpkin launcher is completed, have students come to the front of the classroom.*Safety first: Before handing out pumpkins for the first launch, ensure nobody is in the line of mini pumpkin fire!
  5. Hand out one mini pumpkin, then have each pair launch their pumpkins in the classroom one by one.
  6. One student from the pair will launch the pumpkin, and the other student from the pair will use a measuring tape to see how far the pumpkin was launched from the catapult. The teacher can note the measurement on the board for each pair in the rounds of launching.
  7. Allow the pairs to modify their design in between rounds based on inferences made during the launch.
  8. Repeat steps 4-6. *Note: you can do two rounds of the pumpkin launch, or as many rounds as you’d like.
  9. Finally, have students calculate the average distance between their launch rounds based on the numbers written on the board.
  10. Announce the winning pair!

Hooray for Halloween Lesson Plans

If you’re looking for a full scale lesson plan to bring the ghoul into school, these are sure to spark some high-spirited engagement in the classroom!

Fibonacci Spiderwebs Lesson Plan

Use our creepy, crawly Fibonacci lesson plan to help students understand mathematics! They will gain a better understanding of the Fibonacci sequence, its presence in nature, and create their very own spider webs based on the golden spiral. Be sure to use the Doodled spider webs and spiders to decorate your classroom for Halloween!

TIME REQUIRED: Two 45-60 minute sessions
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

Elemental Superheroes and Supervillains

In our Elemental Superheroes and Supervillains lesson plan, students will creatively explore elements from the periodic table. Students will work in pairs to design their own 3Doodler contour superhero or supervillain mask, which will embody the qualities and associations of their assigned periodic element. Have students wear their masks after the completion of the lesson plan to bring the Halloween spirit into the classroom!

TIME REQUIRED: Three 40-minute sessions
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

Are you excited to bring Curriculum from the Cauldron into your classroom? Please let us know on social media, and be sure to share pictures of your students’ projects!

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