Colorful 3D pen art: Solar System Hero with hanging paper balls.

Stellar 3D Pen Projects for STEM Day!

Foster curiosity, visual thinking, and creative design with these easy 3D printing pen projects for STEM Day!

How many planets are in our solar system? How do hydraulics work?

With young learners around, you may hear a thousand questions like this every day. Young minds have such insatiable curiosity, and one great way to encourage creative thinking is to have students explore subjects hands-on in 3D.

Hands-on learning can help spark engagement, innovation, and creativity, so we’ve put together a roundup of fun STEM-stencils to inspire fun and engaged learning in your classroom or home learning environment.

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  • 3d pen STEM projects solar system
  • 3d pen STEM projects solar system
  • 3d pen STEM projects solar system

Grades K-5


Our Solar System in 3D!


This DIY solar system project is not just educational, it’s also a great way to decorate your classroom or home learning environment. With the Doodled planets, you’ll find young learners marveling at the beauty of the universe, even during the daytime!


  1. Grab some round balls of varying sizes for students to use as 3D stencils (alternatively, you can use lemons, clementines, and oranges as the 3D stencils), and cover them in masking tape.

  2. Have students Doodle half of a sphere over the taped 3D stencil, then pop off the plastic. Repeat with the other half of the sphere.

  3. Doodle to join the two halves together to form the planet.

  4. Cut string to about 12 inches, then attach to the sphere with melted plastic.

  5. You can then can attach the string to the ceiling.

  6. Repeat the following steps for the rest of the planets in the solar system!


  • 3d pen STEM classroom projects hydraulics
  • 3d pen STEM classroom projects hydraulics
  • 3d pen STEM classroom projects hydraulics
  • 3d pen STEM classroom projects hydraulics
  • 3d pen STEM classroom projects hydraulics

Grades 6-8


Hands-on Hydraulics!


This hydraulic claw is made using two syringes, a length of rubber tube, and water. The rest is created with a 3Doodler pen! With a series of hinges attached to the plunger and body of one of the syringes, we can create a claw that opens and closes to pick things up.

*Note: Can be created with the 3Doodler Start (ages 6-13) or the 3Doodler Create+ (ages 14+)


  1. Print the Hydraulic Claw stencil.

  2. Use the Start DoodlePad or Create DoodlePad to trace the pieces.

  3. Assemble pieces together and attach the proper pieces to one syringe. (Use this guide as a reference.)

  4. Fill the other syringe with water.

  5. Attach tubing to both syringe nozzles.

  6. Test out your claw!

  • 3d pen STEM classroom Big Ben London
  • 3d pen STEM classroom Big Ben London

Grades 9-12


Building Big Ben


The Elizabeth Tower, also known as Big Ben, is the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster in London, England. In this project, learners will create a 3D model of Big Ben, one of the most iconic architectural monuments in Britain.


  1. Print the stencil.

  2. Doodle the four faces for the clock tower.

  3. Create the ornate neo-Gothic architectural designs using the stencil, then attach to the faces.

  4. Doodle the faces together at the seams to create the tower base.

  5. Doodle the roof pieces and assemble.

  6. Doodle the clock faces, and attach.

  7. Trace all of the pieces.

We hope these projects sparked some inspiration for STEM Day activities in your learning environment!

What projects are you planning for STEM day? Please share your ideas with us on social media, as well as your students’ Doodles! We can’t wait to see what they create.

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