Eggspressive Easter Eggs

Freshen up your Spring time home-decor with some colorful hand-Doodled Easter Eggs.
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What You'll Need

1 Tape It Up

Cover the entire boiled egg with clear tape.

2 Eggsact Halves

Draw a line down the center of the egg.

3 Do One Side

Start Doodling to cover one half of the egg.

Tip: For a smoother texture, you can use your fingers to smooth out the plastic before it hardens.

4 Flip It Over

Repeat on the other half, making sure to leave a gap between the two halves.

5 Be Eggstremely Gentle

Once the plastic has hardened, carefully remove each half from the egg, using the spoon and tweezer to help you.

Tip: We recommend parents to help their kids with this step.

6 Join Them Together

Doodle to assemble both halves together. If you’d like to hang the egg as an ornament, Doodle a small loop on the top.

7 Eggspress Yourself!

Personalize the eggs by Doodling directly on top, or attach decorations created separately. Check out some ideas in this video.

Tip: Parents, want to create your own eggs with a more sophisticated design?  Use the 3Doodler Create pen and different nozzle tips for a variety of textures and finer details.

8 Eggsellent!

You're all done.

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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