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Team Favourites: Best Doodles of the Year!

To end this year on a jolly note, we asked the team what their absolute favourite Doodle of the year is and why. Ready for some awe-inspiring, spine-tingling, heart-stopping Art?

Daniel, President & COO

Work: Casa Batlló mini
Artist: Cornelia Kuglmeier

Connie’s work never fails to amaze me. It’s hard to pick the best, but this one of the Casa Batlló is definitely one of my favourites. Despite being no larger than a hand, this intricate piece exudes the character (and curves) of the original. I also loved the way the photo was taken, supplanting it into an otherwise row of very geometric buildings to bring the whole scene to life!

More artwork by Cornelia Kuglmeier:

Kira, Junior Designer

Work: Flexy Black
Artist: Eden Saadon

Eden is an inspiring fashion designer that we just discovered this year! I love how delicately the dresses are Doodled with the same simple yet expressive line quality and the way she chose to present them. They remind me of one of my favourite contemporary artists Eva Hesse. To me they really are pieces of art!

More from Eden Saadon:

Kay, Customer Experience Manager

Work: Nissan Qashqai
Artist: Grace Du Prez and Team

Grace is one of the most creative and skillful Doodlers I know. I’m in awe of how this was conceptualized and executed to perfection. This creation brought out something NEW and BIG out there!

Other artwork by Grace Du Prez:

Faraz, Creative Director

Work: Hong Kong’s Skyline
Artist: Rachel Goldsmith

I love how Rachel used layers of Doodling to create depth both within each building and throughout the entire skyline itself. It’s as if the city is ‘alive’ and gives it a very organic feel.

More of Rachel Goldsmith’s pieces:

Erin, Junior Designer

Work: Galata Tower
Artist: Kalpten Dönmez

I love that Kalpten has turned her skills for wire art into something as flexible as these works with the 3Doodler. Looks like 3Doodler has given her the freedom to add different colors too. Also the amount of detail she is able to show in these small works are amazing. Her detail to light and dark is something to note.

More from Kalpten Dönmez:

Max Bogue, Co-Founder and CEO

Work: Ens Reale
Artist: Marc Buehren

Marc’s work is very cool and contemporary. I love how he uses the plastic strands to create a very drapey and mysterious looking effect for his work. His work tends to be formed of outlines, which allows the audience to look through it and see the shadow of the shape on the wall.

Other pieces by Marc Buehren:

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