Doodling Fine Art with Carina Shoshtary

“Fine art is knowledge made visible.” -Gustave Courbet

Carina Shoshtary describes herself as a modern hunter-gather who takes artistic inspiration from her immediate surroundings. Carina’s innovative approach to art through 3D design delights the senses and stirs the imagination.

The 3Doodler Create+ has been integral to Carina’s artwork, especially when designing jewelry and fine art sculptures. We had a chance to connect with Carina to learn about her creative background, her new “Hunter” collection, and the unique techniques she employs with the 3Doodler Create+ 3D printing pen.

Can you tell us about yourself and your history with fine art?

I’m an artist who works on jewelry and wearable art. I was first trained as a traditional goldsmith, then studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, focusing on jewelry and objects. I describe myself as a modern hunter-gatherer as the materials I use are often found or recycled. My early works were wearable mini-sculptures but I didn’t care about how they interacted with the body. Now most of my pieces are molded to the human form, so they only really come to life when they are worn.

What do you love about using the 3Doodler pen, and how has it been helpful as opposed to other artistic mediums?

During my training as a goldsmith, I quickly realized that metal wasn’t my favorite material. I am an intuitive maker and usually don’t plan pieces in detail beforehand, but rather, I respond impulsively to an emotional idea in the moment. Because of this, I prefer softer materials, which give in more willingly. The Create+ 3D pen has been perfect for my way of designing. It enables a very spontaneous and natural workflow.

Can you comment on the inspiration behind your “Hunter” series?

For several years I worked with Graffiti from a wall in Munich, which is a very distinct material. In the contemporary jewelry world, my name was to this material and it was hard to develop anything new. I took some time off from all obligations to make more artistic works and the “Hunter” project was the end result. I allowed myself time to sit in the studio and experiment with new materials. It’s been very liberating. I feel like I am doing the pieces I always wanted to create.


How has the 3D printing pen been an important tool for this series?

The “Hunter” series has served as a liberation project for my fine art, and the 3Doodler pen has been an incredibly useful tool for this collection. I find it very easy to use. Not only can I draw ornaments with it, which I later connect to more complex shapes, but I also use it to set pebbles, shells, or other materials. I use it to connect diverse materials to each other. The process is quick and effortless. Most of what I’ve created for this series has flowing aesthetics reminiscent of art nouveau, which I can easily develop with the 3D pen plastics.

Can you share some of the techniques you use when making your Doodles?

The most useful thing for my work that I’ve learned so far is that I can reheat the already hardened PLA material as many times as I need to in order to reshape it. For slight alterations I use a blow-dryer. If I want to reshape a form in a more extreme way though, I slightly heat the PLA with my jeweler torch. It doesn’t burn or smoke if you are careful, but gets extremely soft and pliable. For all aspiring Doodlers out there, my best advice is to experiment!

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