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Our lesson plans are made by teachers, for teachers. Each lesson aligns with educational standards such as Common Core, NGSS, CSTA, and ISTE standards.

Platonic Solids Snowman Math Challenge
Students will research and study the Platonic solids, then pick 3 platonic solids to construct a snowman with the 3Doodler Create+ pen.  Student groups will give a presentation on the solids they chose and share their snowman creations.
Five 60-minute class sessions plus additional build time
9th - 12th
Non-Edible Gingerbread House STEAM Challenge
In this activity, students will work in teams of 3-4 to construct a non-edible gingerbread house, combining upcycled materials and 3Doodler plastics. 
Five 40-minute sessions (1 planning, 1 designing, 2 constructing/decorating, 1 evaluating)
3rd - 5th
Frozen Bubble Bubble Wands
Students will work in pairs to create 2 different bubble wands for frozen bubbles. They will hypothesize the outcome of their bubbles and measure the diameters.  They will make observations regarding the general shape of their frozen bubbles.
Three 60-minute sessions
6th - 8th
STEM: 2D vs 3D Bubble Wands
Learners will plan and create a two dimensional bubble wand using this sheet. They will test their wand to see the shape, size and number of the bubbles that come out. They will then create a three dimensional shaped bubble wand and see if that changes the bubble sizes and quantities.
One 60-minute session
3rd - 5th
3D Geography: My Land
Learners will use their knowledge of landforms to create a paper map with a compass rose and key. The map will include at least one 3D landform, made with the 3Doodler pen.
Two 40-minute sessions
3rd - 5th
History: First Nation Symbol
Learners will plan and create a meaningful symbol to represent the Wisconsin-native First Nation group that they researched. They will showcase this symbol as part of their presentation and gallery walk.
Two 40-minute Sessions
6th - 8th
It’s Not as Simple as Mendel Said: A Lesson in Shamrock Genetics
In this activity, students will work with partners to review genetic vocabulary. Individual students will Doodle a 3-leaf or a 4-leaf clover based on their review game score.
One 60-minute session
6th - 8th
STEAM Design Challenge: Chair Prototyping
For this STEAM based lesson, students will work individually or with a partner. They will use 3Doodler pens to iteratively develop a chair design using criteria and constraints.
3 to 4 40-minute sessions
6th - 8th

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Our tutorials are made just for you. Follow our simple how-to’s to Doodle decor, jewelry, faux flowers, or useful accessories like coin purses and travel tags.

Create an Alebrije!
Alebrijes are fantastical creatures that inspire the imagination. These colorful creations are a Mexican folk art tradition that combine the features of multiple animals with bright colors. Learn how to design one!
Doodle an alligator and take an adventure!
Use this tutorial to construct your own alligator!
Create your own Brontosaurus Skeleton!
Use this tutorial to construct your own dinosaur skeleton!
A Larger Than Life Atom
Use this tutorial to craft your own atom model.
Build a Pinball Game
This week, we thought it would be fun to build our own DIY pinball game. So grab your 3Doodler 3D pen and let's get in the game.
Create Your Own Action Figure
Create your own custom action figure with fully articulated limbs!
DIY Card
Looking for a unique gift for the crafty mom? Try out this DIY Card tutorial!
Easter Bunny
It's springtime! Celebrate with creating an Easter Bunny Doodle of your very own!

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Check out our stencils

We have hundreds of stencils for you to explore! Just print, trace, and bring your Doodles to life in 3D.

Create an Alebrije!
Use this stencil to design an alebrije that is part fox and rabbit.
Zoo Animals
Use this stencil to create zoo animals.
DIY Flashlight Projections – Camping Trips!
Use this stencil to create fun DIY covers for your flashlight.
Brontosaurus Skeleton
Use this stencil to create a Brontosaurus
Doodle an Atom
Use this stencil to craft a larger then life atom
Action Figure
Use this stencil to create your own action figure.
Mother’s Day Card
Use this stencil to craft a Mother's Day card
Easter Eggs ?
Use this stencil to create Easter eggs.

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Use this stencil to create an alebrije, an imaginary creature that has origins in Mexican Folk Art. This doodle is part fox and rabbit!

Use this stencil to design a giraffe, lion, elephant, parrot, and alligator.

Use this stencil to create fun DIY covers for your flashlight. Once the sun goes down, pop one of these doodling camping-trip themed designs onto your flashlight and project it onto your tent!

Use this stencil to create a Brontosaurus skeleton.

Use this stencil to dive deeper into Atoms and how they work.

Use this stencil along with the ball and socket mold kit to create your own customizable action figures.

Use this stencil to create a hand-crafted card for Mother’s Day.

This is a fun Easter project fit for the whole family. Doodle some Easter Egg!

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