Happy St. Patrick's Day 3D pen art with children at a table.

St. Patrick’s Day Lesson and Memory Game

Do you want your next lesson to be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

If so, this is just for you!

Middle school teacher, Ellen Peterson, has put together an exciting lesson plan and memory game to bring some festive fun to your classroom this St. Patrick’s Day. Not only will it teach your students about the science behind 4-leaf clovers, but it will also bring some focused-fun to this festive holiday.

Teacher Tip: Have students use the hot tip of the 3Doodler Create+ to clean messy edges and smooth out rough corners on their Doodles.

Teachers can follow along to the easy step-by-step instructions and print off the lesson resources for the game, which include the Shamrock Memory Game cards, a score sheet for the students, and 3-leaf and 4-leaf clover stencils.

Teacher Tip: Did you know that you can laminate our stencils so they can be used over and over again? Feel free to print the stencils and laminate them before class. Laminated sheets will work with both the 3Doodler Start pens and the 3Doodler Create+ pens.
It’s Not as Simple as Mendel Said: A Lesson in Shamrock Genetics
Time Required: One 60-minute session
Skill Level: Beginner
Recommended Grades: 6th to 8th

In this activity, students will review the science behind 4-leaf clovers. Individual students will doodle a 3-leaf or a 4-leaf clover based on their final score in the Shamrock Memory Game, which will be played after a review of lesson materials.

Teacher Tip: We have about 100 lesson plans available for free on our website! Each lesson includes step-by-step instructions to accomplish the learning objectives. All of our lessons are written by teachers, for teachers, and they include Common Core, NGSS, CSTA and ISTE educational standards.

Once the lesson plan is complete, you can use the Doodled clovers to decorate the classroom for the occasion!

Other teachers want to see what you’re doing in your classroom for St. Patrick’s Day! Share your classroom happenings with them on Twitter, and be sure to follow Ellen Peterson.

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