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The New 3D Adult Coloring Book – Say Hi to Create Canvases

An easy starting point for beginner or seasoned Doodlers to create stunning results

I’m Kelley, Marketing Director at 3Doodler, and dare I say it, a timid Doodler.

Of course, like millions, I invested in the adult coloring book craze, the major draw being able to create something “artistic” that I was proud of – without fear that the final piece would fall far short of the creative vision in my head.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I am bit intimidated by a blank page. But armed with a template, where all I need to do is select colors and fill in the shapes, I have just the right amount of creative scope. And that’s OK.

It’s that same thinking that started us down the path to our new Create Canvas Series. What began as a brainstorm to help beginner users create complex items quickly and easily, soon led to a range of enticing ready-made shapes that could serve as a “canvas” to anyone’s unique creative potential.

In the lead up to launch we left some blank Canvases in the hands of a couple of seasoned Doodlers to see what they’d create – I think you’ll agree the results offer some decidedly non-intimidating and eye-catching ideas!

Cornelia Kuglmeier

Tell us about your design
My idea was to make functional items. I repurposed the skull Canvas into a popular symbol it represents – a pirate with a hat designed so the hollow pirate skull serves as a piggy bank – as pirates usually hide treasures.

For the Gnome, I transformed it into something unexpected, a dwarf queen! These would look cute in a group, with dwarf king, queen and maybe kids and citizens – create your dwarf community.

  • To create a hollow skull or Gnome, cover the canvas with tape and Doodle the front and the back, peel these off, and then join them together.

What did you like about the Canvas Series and what would you try next?
What I like is that the Canvas provides a shape that you’ve got to make yourself otherwise. It’s neat and white, you can doodle directly onto it, and also add to the shape (like adding hair, ears, etc.).

I’d like to try turn the skull into a little self-portrait. I think that would look cool! As I wear glasses, I might make the skull in a way that it can serve as a storage spot for my glasses! I’d also love to use more colours on it.

Who do you think the Canvas Series is good for? 
I think the Canvases are perfect for new, young or hesitant doodlers. You can create decorative or useful (or both) items for your living room, your own little piece of art or customized presents. Also, for students it’s an awesome tool to work with – students don’t have to spend time making molds or shapes with paper and tape, but can start doodling instantly.

Grace Du Prez

Tell us about your design
The design I made for the Skull Canvas is quite simplistic but I’m really pleased with how it looks. I used clear PLA and it really sparkles in the light. A little bit of Damien Hirst, Indiana Jones and Elsa!

What did you like about the Canvas Series and what would you try next?
I like the Canvases because it’s really easy to use and you can achieve great results. The next thing I’d like to make with the Skull Canvas is a Halloween headdress. 

Who do you think the Canvas Series is good for? 
I think the Canvases are a great starting point to spark inspiration. They’re a perfect way to give a helping hand to an ambitious doodler.

Kira Albarus

Tell us about your design
The vase design I went for is a modern geometric pattern in a contrasting, simple color palette. I like this design as it looks pretty slick and fits well into any modern home.

The box set is also a minimal design approach with a simple color scheme of black, white, silver and gold. I liked the idea of using the boxes to separate different types of jewelry – they’re the perfect size for it!

  • The Box and Vase Canvas Sets are made from a transparent material, so you can print or draw a design on paper, line the inside of the canvas and trace the outside surface with the 3Doodler.

What did you like about the Canvas Series and what would you try next?
Using a printed stencil on the inside of the Canvas worked really well with these two pieces! In the future, I would love to try something more playful and add more 3-dimensional parts to the canvas, maybe a scary Halloween skull with an eye-ball hanging out. 

Who do you think the Canvas Series is good for? 
The Canvas series is great for anyone creative who loves adding a personal touch to their home decor. It’s also a nice project if you are just getting started with the pen, as it doesn’t require building complex 3D shapes. 


Watch How You Can Create it Your Way with 3Doodler Create Canvas Series:

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