Make a Football!

  • 45 Minutes
  • Intermediate
Follow this tutorial to make an American football with all the details. Use it to play a table top game with friends!
Specifically designed for

1 Gather materials and begin!

Be sure to have your PRO+ 3D pen, DoodlePad, stencil, and filament. Check the settings of your PRO+ pen for speed and temperature. Begin to trace and fill in the stencil shapes completing all four.

2 Attach the pieces together.

Remove the shapes from the Doodle Pad. Take two of the shapes and doodle them together. Once attached, carefully mold the shape into a crescent.

3 Attach the two halves.

Take the two halves and attached them together by doodling along the seem. Once complete, fill in the shape with more material by drawing lengthwise along the ball. It should begin to resemble a football.

4 Add detail to the football.

Switch the PRO+ 3D pen setting to PLA and adjust speed. Using white PLA filament, add the white stitching to the top and ends of the football. The football is complete!


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