Bold Floral Drop Earrings

These charming Floral Drop earrings instantly add a delightful and youthful look to any outfit. Using an oven baking technique, this DIY project will leave you with a store-quality statement piece.
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1 Start Doodling

Print out the floral earrings stencil. Place a DoodlePad™ on top of it or cover with masking tape. Trace and fill in the big flower stencil in red, but leave the center empty. Doodle the middle circles of the flowers.

2 Last bit of Doodling

Repeat the Doodling for the smaller flowers in teel. Leave to cool, then peel all Doodles off once hardened and place aside.

3 Bake it to smooth it

Line your baking tray with aluminium foil, then arrange your Doodles on top (make sure to leave some space between them). Bake for about 7 minutes at 200°C (390°F). Once cooled, remove from the oven.

Warning: Remember to use PLA plastic only for this baking technique!

4 Bend it to shape it

Turn on your Create pen and wait for the nozzle tip to heat up, then, carefully run the tip along the outer edge of the petal to soften the plastic. Use your fingers or a plier to gently bend the edge inward. Repeat on all petals.

5 Shape it up

Run your hot nozzle along the inner parts of the flower, then bend in the opposite direction.

6 Thread the head pin

Doodle a hole in one petal of the bigger flower, then thread a head pin through it.

7 Complete the flowers

Doodle to stick the circle center to the flower. Repeat steps 7-9 for the smaller flowers.

8 Join the two flowers

Align the head pin with the center of the smaller flower, then Doodle to join together.

9 Hello, beautiful!

Finally, use a dab of strong glue to attach the earring post to the back of the smaller flower.

10 All done!

11 Other ideas

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