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Star Window Pendant

  • Minutes
  • Beginner
Zen out with and start Doodling with this star stencil. This creative project is perfect to tackle solo or with your kids. These stars make beautiful window pendants. We will show you how to master this stencil with our step by step instructions.
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1 Doodle the outline of the star in any color(s)

Start by Doodling the outline of each section of the star.

2 Fill in the outline - section by section

You can create and follow a pattern, or fill in the spaces at random.

3 Gently peel your creation off of the stencil / DoodlePad

You can Doodle a piece of string directly to the star to hang it from a window, or Doodle a loop to the tip of one of the triangles so that you can thread a piece of string or ribbon through it. Once your creation is complete, gently peel it off the stencil or DoodlePad and find a fitting home for it around the house.

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