Create a Homemade Succulent with your 3Doodler

Now that the autumn breeze is starting to turn the leaves brown we think it's time to add some green back into our lives. Doodle a DIY succulent plant perfect for any desk or windowsill. Make this project special by adding to it over time, helping it to grow and change as time passes. Head on over to our blog for some more fun succulent facts.
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1 Assemble your materials!

For this project, you'll want to gather your Pen and Plastic, a DoodlePad, and a small planter pot. The pot does not need to look like the pot in the photo, any small pot will work just fine. You can also use materials you have around the house - a cup, a mug or a Doodled planter pot!

2 Outline the Leaves

Using the stencil draw an outline around your leaves, as well as a line down the center of each leaf to form it's spine. Our stencil includes four different sizes of leaves. Depending on the size of the pot, you'll want to Doodle multiples of each size. The exact quantity is totally customizable.

3 Shape the leaves

Loosely fill in the interior of your leaves as shown. Use your fingers to shape the still soft plastic into the shape you want to achieve.

4 Fill In the Leaves

Now that your leaf is shaped, fill them in completely, working from the outer edge to the center spine.

5 Design the Dirt

Trace the bottom of the pot as shown. This is going to form the "stencil" for your Doodled dirt.

6 Trace Your Dirt Circle

Trace your circle and Doodle it in completely.

7 Assemble Your Plant

Your final step is to assemble your plant. Once the dirt is wedged into the pot then you can use the welding technique to attach the leaves to the dirt. You can arrange them into a pattern or you can attach them randomly

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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