3D pen art decorates clay pots with flowers and plants. | 3D Pen Tutorial

DIY Planters

  • 45 Minutes
  • Beginner
Some people believe that shamrocks are the official plant of St. Patrick’s Day. The three leaves of the “young clover” are said to stand for faith, hope, and love. Does your plant have a fourth leaf? That’s supposedly where the luck comes in. We recently wrote a blog post on how to plant shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re interested in taking a crack at the artistic side of this project and decorating your planter pots, this tutorial is for you.
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1 Gather your supplies!

Looking for some guidance as you plan your planter’s decor? Our resident Doodlers have created a stencil to make it easy to jazz up your planter pots. The free stencil is best-suited for pots that are 2” or 4.5” in size.

Print out the stencil and have your 3Doodler Start Pen and plastic ready.

2 Trace the stencil

Use your 3Doodler Start pen to create the creative flare for your poters. Trace the stencil lines of your flowers, rainbow and four-leaf clovers.

3 Freestyle branches and leaves

Pick up your planter and freestyle flower branches and leaf buds with your 3Doodler Start. Or, cut out the vines that we provide in our stencil, tape them to your planter, and Doodle over them.

4 Peel your design off of the stencil and secure them to your pot

Carefully peel up your flower petals off of the stencil before they have completely dried -- so that some curl up at the end and give that realistic 3D look. Peel up any of the other Doodles you stenciled.

Using a small dot of Doodled plastic, secure the flower petals to the vines on the planter. Secure your other Doodles to the planter pot as well.

Your designs do not have to relate to St. Patrick’s Day unless you want them to. You can explore how different shapes and colors look on the planter, and make sure that you create a design that is unique to you!

5 Fill your pretty planter with soil & seeds.

Water & place it in indirect sunlight and watch your shamrocks grow.

Remember, it will probably take at least two weeks for your shamrock seeds to sprout. Make sure you keep the soil in the planter moist and check back often to observe how the plants are doing, and how their growth compliments your planter designs.

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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