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Bring the Summer Reading List to Life with 3Doodler

How can you excite young minds about their summer reading list?

3Doodler has the perfect project to captivate K-12 readers.

Just share the easy steps below so they can bring their favorite character to the third dimension.

3Doodler Summer Reading Design Challenge:

    • Read a book from your summer reading list.
    • Choose a character from the story that you want to bring to life.
    • Integrate three characteristics of the character’s personality into the design.
    • Next, plan your design. Brainstorm how your figure will look, and how you will include the three characteristics. Sketch a draft to help you visualize the outcome.
    • Lift the character off of the page!


Check out our printable Figure Stencil which is the perfect template for your Doodle, or feel free to create your own.

If you have the 3Doodler Start, the Figurine Activity Kit will help you easily create an opposable figure.



Here is a Doodled character from a well known book series. Can you guess who it is? It was created with our free, printable Figure Stencil. Just use the stencil as the template, and add the characteristics of your choice!

Ask your parent or teacher to share your Doodle on social media!

We can’t wait to see all of the Summer Reading Doodles. Tag @3Doodler and share them on twitter, instagram, or facebook.

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