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You may have seen the new video from 3Doodler, the maker of the world’s first 3D printing pen:

The video features a pen that can draw into the air.

And as it shows, you can make all sorts of neat stuff with it, from phone cases…

to planets…

to adorable doggie gifts!

But what everyone is talking about is this:

An entire dress made just from drawing with the 3Doodler pen!

This gold dress (made by an Australian artist specially for the ad) is certainly a head-turner.

But it turns out that dress is just the beginning! Fashion designers and artists all over the world have started turning to 3Doodler to explore new ways to introduce 3D printing to the catwalk.

Most 3D printed dresses look great, but aren’t very practical.

But with the special FLEXY plastic from 3Doodler, 3D printed additions (or even entire pieces of clothing) can bend and move just like fabric! This allows designers and fashion-forward artists to create stunning outfits that can be functional too: something you can wear, wash and zip up – just like any of your other clothes.

Other artists are hitting the runway with their 3Doodler designs.

Amanda Sekulow of Nashville, Tennessee, added 3D printed touches with the 3Doodler pens to her graduation collection, “Melt Into Spring”. Each dress had additions ranging from bold to subtle all made free-hand with the 3Doodler. The final showstopper – which featured 85 Doodled flowers and 119 crystals – took over 100 hours to complete.

These 3D details are to die for!

The talented Kitty Wong, from Hong Kong, recently graduated from Polytechnic University after creating a series of 3Doodled fashion masterpieces.

Kitty’s dresses have been worn by top music artists and and models on TV, as well as at other media events. Her work is focussed on the relationship between the natural and the digital, with 3Doodled embellishments specifically used to create eye-catching textures and shapes.

And these dresses are walking off the runway into the real world!

Hong Kong fashion house duo SHIGO took 3D printed dresses to the next level with a fully formed gown made with the 3Doodler.

SHIGO designed a dress based on seashells, weaving the shapes together with the 3Doodler to create the final piece. The dress is ‘split’ at the sides, with buckles, allowing it to slip on like a coat of armour. Their innovation made headlines and opened up 3D printed fashion to a new world of possibilities!

Now SHIGO is looking to release a line of clothing for retail with 3D printed additions.

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