3D pen art: Robot with toy & other toys

Doodle Camp: Free 6-Week Program

Introducing Doodle Camp, 3Doodler’s FREE summer program for K-8 students! Get ready to kick summer slide with our 6-week Doodle Camp guide.

With Doodle Camp, kids have fun with weekly 3D pen activities that encourage problem solving, three-dimensional thinking, and STEM learning.

From robots and dinosaurs to insects, birds and sea creatures, learners will use the guide’s 3D pen templates to make cool projects that ignite creativity and critical thinking. No matter if kids are at home or in a classroom setting, Doodle Camp will provide hours of meaningful engagement all while having a ton of fun.

"“The 3Doodler pens have been such a blessing to spark creativity in students that were otherwise stuck in a box. Off task behaviors are down and engagement is up!”"-Mrs. Smith, George Washington Carver Elementary Share
  • Young girl creatively using a 3D pen on paper.
  • Boy in blue sweatshirt, 3D drawing with green pen
  • 3Doodler pen art: Woman holding blue pen with scarf.
  • Little girl enjoying toy 3D pen art.
  • Young girl creating cell phone 3D pen art.
  • Male in grey sweatshirt creating 3D pen art.
  • Creative woman uses 3D pen to draw glasses on paper

Kids can print a certificate of completion here once all projects have been created. Download the free program below to get started.

Others in our community want to see students’ Doodles! Please share pictures of camper creations with us on social media, and be sure to tag us.

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Doodle Camp: Free 6 Week Summer Program


Projects require a 3Doodler Start pen (ages 6-13) or Create+ pen (ages 14+) and 3Doodler Start 3D pen plastics or Create+ 3D pen plastics. Each 3D pen and their 3D pen plastic refills can be purchased on our website or on Amazon. 

Note: 3D pen plastics strands are not cross-compatible for the Start and the Create+.

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