How do I switch between filaments properly when using the PRO+?

With the pen turned on and set to the temperature of the filament in the pen, carefully remove the nozzle using the nozzle removal tool. With the nozzle removed, if the material is long enough, simply reverse the plastic out of the back of the pen. If needed, insert the unblocking tool through the nozzle-end of the pen to push any remaining filament out through the feed port. Once the previous filament is cleared, you can set the pen to the next filament’s temperature and begin Doodling.

If the material is not long enough to be seen out of the back of the pen, you can open up the magnetic maintenance panel to gain access to the material. If the material is not showing behind the maintenance panel, it is too short to reverse out and you will need to run it all the way through. In either scenario, use the unblocking tool to completely clear out the last material you used before switching to a new one.

If you’re going from a low temperature material to a high temperature material, after clearing as much of the low temp material as you can, adjust the temperature for the new material, and then you can switch. If you try to run a high temp material on a low temp setting, you can damage the pen.

If you’re going from a high temp material to a low temp material, after clearing as much of the high temp material as you can, insert your low temp material and begin extruding on the high temperature setting. As soon as you see your new material extruding out, set the temperature to the proper lower setting. If you use a lower temp while there is still high temp material in the pen, it will harden in the nozzle and the low temp material will not be able to extrude.

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