Will the pen 3D Build & Play clog? What is the unclogging procedure?

The Build & Play may become clogged if a used strand with a melted end is inserted, or if extruded plastic is put back inside of the pen. To troubleshoot, please follow these steps:

1. Ensure the batteries have sufficient charge.
2. Reverse the plastic by cranking the handle backwards.
3. Adults only for this step: Please try reversing the pen while gently knocking the pen (with the Feed Port facing down) on a surface to dislodge the plastic strand.
4. If that does not work, try running the pen forward, while using a second strand of Build & Play plastic to firmly push the plastic inside forwards. If there is a small jam, this should force the plastic through the pen and clear it out.

If none of these steps help, please contact our friendly customer service team by emailing us here: [email protected]

Category: Build & Play
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