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Mixed Media Flowers

This mixed media Doodling technique combines the use of tulle fabric with bending your creations to shape.


Grace’s Framed Flowers

Freshen up your interior decoration with some delightfully Doodled framed flowers!

Brew-tiful Create+ Projects for International Coffee Day

Smell the aroma of creativity in the air. We love a good cup o’ joe at 3Doodler, and in celebration of International Coffee Day, we have put some great projects together for you.

Doodled Orchids Tutorial

Tune in to learn how to make beautiful orchids! They make the perfect gift for Mother's Day

Floral Drop Earrings Tutorial

These charming Floral Drop earrings instantly add a delightful and vibrant look to any outfit.


Top Projects and Resources for your 3Doodler

Get the most out of the summer months with our list of the top toys to take your imagination and creativity to the next level.

How Two Artists Shared a New Point of View

Two artists with very different views show the world their experiences, life, and perspective through art made using the 3Doodler.

6 New Themed Kits for 3Doodler Create

3Doodler is helping you create more, with a new line of project kits to help you Doodle decor, personalize a party, and make detailed models.

Fan Creations: Fabricating Your Own Figurines

Tabletop roleplaying games are more diverse than ever before. But options for figurines remain limited. The solution? Doodle your own!

The 2016 3Doodler Awards: Winners

The winners of the 2016 3Doodler Awards have been announced! See the winning entries and find out who has been named "Doodler of the Year" for 2016.

Beyond Arts and Crafts with Esra Oguz

Winner of the 2015 3Doodler Interior Design Award, Esra Oguz talk about creating 3-dimensional structures with a uniform style.

From Fantasy to Reality with Cornelia Kuglmeier

Cornelia Kuglmeier brings new techniques to her fantastic creations, earning her the 2015 Doodle of the Year Award.

3D Fashion with Amanda Sekulow

With 10 white dresses embellished with 3D accents, Amanda Sekulow's collection "Melt into Spring" was a labor of love.

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