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How to Express Yourself Through Doodles

Activism, education, and advocacy are three ways that women and girls around the world have been able to make a tremendous impact throughout history.

Perhaps one of the most memorable feminists over the past 50 years is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States who passed away in September of 2020.

Ginsburg was known as “The Notorious RBG” for her passionate dissents. But today, we want to take a look at one of the creative ways that she found to express herself in a field dominated by men — no discussion required.

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Redesigning a Judge’s Robe

RBG often said that a traditional judge’s robe was made with a man in mind, with the space around the neck meant to emphasize a shirt and tie. To put her feminine touch on this traditionally masculine piece of clothing, RBG began wearing decorative jabots, or collars, around her neck to bring some pizzazz — and femininity — to her own robe.

And while she may be best known for her lacy “dissent” collar, RBG actually had an impressive collection of unique jabots to help her creatively express herself without words.

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From a pride collar, to a collar she reserved for oral arguments, to a majority collar meant for announcing majority opinions from the bench, she was a woman who understood that she could send a powerful, meaningful message without any words.

Create Your Own Collar

Imagine that you have been asked to design a custom jabot to represent yourself. What would the collar look like? Would it be colorful? Would it be made of shells, or jewels, or cloth? Would it be intricate, or would it be simple to look at?

Today, in honor of RBG and International Women’s Day which took place earlier this week, we challenge you to download one of these free stencils and create a unique collar that represents you. We’ve also included a short tutorial.

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