Fun Food Challenge

Here is a tutorial that might just make your mouth water. Doodling edible-looking food takes practice, so treat this challenge as a way to help you hone your Doodling skillset. Feel free to reference our blog to get some tricks on how to manipulate the filament post extrusion, to get the desired look and feel.
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1 Assemble your materials!

Gather your ingredients!

2 Build your Bun

To build the bottom bun, start by using the stencil to Doodle two discs. Then, while holding both discs in one hand about 1/4 inch apart, fuse them together to make a 3D bottom bun by filling in the 1/4 inch space with additional filament.
To make the top bun, start by Doodling a ring, and then stuff some paper towel in the center of the ring, as shown in the gif. Then, take your 3Doodler pen and Doodle from one end of the ring, across the top of the paper towel, and then connecting back to the ring on the other side. Repeat this step until you have created a puffed up top bun.

3 Make it cheesy!

Using the stencil as a guide, Doodle your cheese. Will it be American, Cheddar, Jalapeño Jack?

4 Time to Pack the Meat

Exactly how you made the bottom bun is how we'll make our meat patty. Start by Doodling two discs. Then while holding the discs in one hand with about 1/4 inch space in between, fuse the two discs together to create a genuine 3D meat patty.

5 Put it all together!

Finally, we assemble :)

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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