Break The Bias

Take that Break the Bias photo you posted on International Women's Day and give it a creative twist with this step-by-step tutorial. Fun fact, once you master this technique you can apply it to any selfie or favorite photo.  
Specifically designed for 3Doodler Create+ Logo PNG

1 Assemble your materials!

Take a photo of yourself crossing your arms (to form an "X") and print it out. Then gather together your 3Doodler 3D pen, plastic, and some clear tape.

2 Turn your Photo into a Stencil

Take your printed-out photo and cover it in clear tape. This will make it easier to remove your doodle from your "template" when you are done.

3 Start your Doodle

Using the Nozzle Set, switch out the tip of your 3Doodler Create+ to the smaller 0.5mm tip tip.

Once your pen is hot and your filament is loaded, start tracing your photo. Depending on how detailed your photo is you can either trace the outline of the person or you can go in and get very detailed. It's up to you!

4 Trace your Photo a Second Time and Assemble

After you finish doodling your photo the first time, peel it off of the template and set it aside. Remove any filament from your pen and swap it out with a new complementary color. Now repeat step 3 using the new color! This will give your final creation some added depth. Make sure the pattern you follow for this second round is the same as the first one so that it aligns with the other Doodle when you go to assemble.

After you have both Doodled versions of your photo it's time to assemble them. Moving them slightly off-center from each other, attach them together with a little fresh filament. Hopefully, your final Doodle looks somewhat similar to ours where the two Doodles create a groovy 3D effect with your eyes.

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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