Team Favourites: Best Doodles of the Year!

To end this year on a jolly note, we asked the team what their absolute favourite Doodle of the year is and why. Ready for some awe-inspiring, spine-tingling, heart-stopping Art?

Daniel, President & COO

Work: Casa Batlló mini
Artist: Cornelia Kuglmeier

Connie’s work never fails to amaze me. It’s hard to pick the best, but this one of the Casa Batlló is definitely one of my favourites. Despite being no larger than a hand, this intricate piece exudes the character (and curves) of the original. I also loved the way the photo was taken, supplanting it into an otherwise row of very geometric buildings to bring the whole scene to life!

More artwork by Cornelia Kuglmeier:

Kira, Junior Designer

Work: Flexy Black
Artist: Eden Saadon

Eden is an inspiring fashion designer that we just discovered this year! I love how delicately the dresses are Doodled with the same simple yet expressive line quality and the way she chose to present them. They remind me of one of my favourite contemporary artists Eva Hesse. To me they really are pieces of art!

More from Eden Saadon:

Kay, Customer Experience Manager

Work: Nissan Qashqai
Artist: Grace Du Prez and Team

Grace is one of the most creative and skillful Doodlers I know. I’m in awe of how this was conceptualized and executed to perfection. This creation brought out something NEW and BIG out there!

Other artwork by Grace Du Prez:

Faraz, Creative Director

Work: Hong Kong’s Skyline
Artist: Rachel Goldsmith

I love how Rachel used layers of Doodling to create depth both within each building and throughout the entire skyline itself. It’s as if the city is ‘alive’ and gives it a very organic feel.

More of Rachel Goldsmith’s pieces:

Erin, Junior Designer

Work: Galata Tower
Artist: Kalpten Dönmez

I love that Kalpten has turned her skills for wire art into something as flexible as these works with the 3Doodler. Looks like 3Doodler has given her the freedom to add different colors too. Also the amount of detail she is able to show in these small works are amazing. Her detail to light and dark is something to note.

More from Kalpten Dönmez:

Max Bogue, Co-Founder and CEO

Work: Ens Reale
Artist: Marc Buehren

Marc’s work is very cool and contemporary. I love how he uses the plastic strands to create a very drapey and mysterious looking effect for his work. His work tends to be formed of outlines, which allows the audience to look through it and see the shadow of the shape on the wall.

Other pieces by Marc Buehren:

4 Ways We Gave Back In 2017

Dear 3Doodler Community,

First of all, I’d like to say a huge thank you to you for another fantastic year. As 2017 comes to an end, I’d like to take this opportunity to share some special community highlights with you.

3Doodler strives to be a company that inspires and enables you to make. Our products and activities reflect our ongoing commitment to our community of innovative Doodlers, talented artists, and last but not least, inspirational teachers and students. I hope these examples will place the spotlight on some very meaningful charities and talented individuals, and bring awareness to the difference they are making every day.

– Daniel Cowen, President & COO of 3Doodler

1. Adapting Our Product For All Users

Ever since we launched our first pen in 2013, we’ve received interest from members of the blind and low vision community, including teachers and students, all envisioning ways to use 3Doodler pens to create instant tactile graphics they can touch and feel. 2017 saw a breakthrough in this area, which we hope paves the way for blind and low vision users to create in entirely new ways.

Partnering with RNIB, UK’s leading charity supporting blind and partially sighted people, we adapted the 3Doodler Start with new features to make it easier for people with sight loss to use. These features include tactile markings on the pen itself, and audio instructions on our website, all aimed at helping users get started and orient the pen for 3D drawing.

See what BBC News reported

2. Encouraging Hands-on Learning in Classrooms

From Nov ‘16 to Feb ‘17, we partnered with to help teachers make creative tech a reality for their classrooms. The US based non-profit organization enables donations directly to public school classroom projects. As part of our commitment to this,3Doodler matched each donation to classroom projects requesting a 3Doodler EDU Bundle. In 2016, 283 projects were fully funded, raising a total of $200K.

One year later, in Nov 2017, we launched a second campaign. At the time of writing this article, we’ve raised $65,263 and counting. We also allocated extra funds for special education teachers, and the response has been phenomenal. The message is clear: making our products easy to access for all types of learners will be one of our main focuses as we enter 2018. Watch this space!

3. Supporting Creators in all Shapes & Sizes

  • 3Doodled woman with netted body sitting on floor - Eden Arafed

In 2017, there has been no shortage of creative talent. We’ve discovered, and been approached by, professional sculptors, fashion designers, art teachers, jewellery designers, as well as countless creators from different backgrounds, who all use the 3Doodler in ways we never imagined.

Sometimes creators need a little boost to shoot for their particular moon. We’ve offered feedback and advice to those who have asked, sponsored and encouraged artists to hold their first ever exhibition, and supported creators with 115 pens and 11,560 strands of plastic… In return, we’ve seen creations that made our jaws drop and our eyes ogle. ROI = priceless. These moments and collaborations give us the inspiration we need to do our best every day.

Some Artists We Worked With

4. Making Magic with Toys & Play

Play forms a huge and integral part of a child’s growth. We are a strong believer of Toy Industry Foundation’s mission to provide joy and comfort to children in need through the experience of toys and play. The Foundation makes play possible for families struggling in poverty, military families, kids undergoing cancer treatments, children with special needs, and many more.

We donated to the charity to help bring even more smiles and laughter to the lives of some very special kids.

With these efforts (and many more to come), 3Doodler is helping build a more innovative and caring world; supporting kids and adults who dare to imagine and create. back to top image

3Doodler Stems The Gender Divide

While some of the girls in my elementary classroom will become engineers, designers, coders and software programmers, I don’t expect them all to become the next Millie Dresselhaus. No matter where their lives’ journeys lead them, the lessons they are learning in our classroom will serve them as critical thinkers, innovators, risk-takers, collaborators and leaders.

A recent Microsoft study indicated that a girl’s level of interest in STEM (science, technical, engineering, and math subjects) is on a steady rise until age 11, and then declines, most markedly, by age 15. I refer to these as the “Wonder” years, because I wonder why more people haven’t noticed and/or done something about it!

Girl's interest in STEM diagram by Ellen Gallagher - 3D pen art

One of the best tools in my teaching arsenal is the 3Doodler Start. I’d like to “draw” upon my own success with the 3Doodler and share why it’s an important technology tool for all of your students, but especially your young girls. The 3Doodler is a way to inspire and engage our girls in STEM at an early age, while cultivating a platform that will sustain their interest throughout higher education and life. Learning with a 3Doodler nurtures creative thinking, as students design original works or repurpose information and ideas into new creations. It is an artistic form of expression that appeals to girls, while developing their voice not only within the design community, but in our world at large. Being a flexible, fluent thinker is a valuable commodity in any field or endeavor they may pursue.

Through using the 3Doodler in the classroom, students practice “design thinking”, a process of iteration, beginning with asking questions, brainstorming, planning, testing and retesting. This logical thought process is effective and visually concrete with the 3Doodler. A larger design problem is broken down into smaller, more manageable, sub-problems.

3D pen creates intricate 3D drawing

In our classroom, you will see girls designing plans, sketching models, drawing flowcharts, building, and playing with ideas not only in their minds, but with their hands, as well. They make predictions. They make inferences. They make repairs. They cultivate strong visual-spatial abilities, because their thought processes are being enacted right before their eyes. And all of this happens as they are “playing.” As girls enter adolescence with its rapid changes and choices, the dramatic effects of a strong thought process are witnessed by an improved ability to make important decisions, ones that may alter life outcomes.

With the 3Doodler, girls get practice in solving problems, making mathematics calculations and taking risks within open-ended challenges that allow for more than one solution.

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They cultivate a tolerance for ambiguity and build perseverance. They develop what my grandfather used to refer to as “true grit”, a kind of spunk and resilient nature best cultivated through experience with failure. Psychologist, Carol Dweck, coined the term “growth-mindset” as the ability to reframe failure as an opportunity for learning. With the constant barrage of perfection displayed by the media, our girls are in danger of becoming complacent rather than risk making mistakes. The 3Doodler draws new pathways that embolden girls to dare, to try again, to go out on a ledge, knowing that the only true risk they face are the lessons lost by quitting.

Artful creation, such as with the 3Doodler, does not demand perfection, it celebrates inspiration born through determination. It makes us smile, even as we’re trying again and again.

Beautiful 3D pen art: Person with a mouse.

And somewhere along the line, they begin to realize that they can solve most of life’s problems if they can see the “shapes” and “patterns” within it, which take the form of problems, ideas and choices. The 3Doodler nurtures the ability to problem-solve through analyzing, synthesizing and transferring knowledge to abstract learning. The 3Doodler is a valuable tool for all students, but for our girls, it is the shape of things to come.

Go ahead, check out our new Lesson Plans on our site now!

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Julia Dweck is a public school teacher who works with students in grades K-5, focusing on the importance of creative and open-ended thinking. Julia is the 2016 winner of the Da Vinci Science Award for her innovative integration of technology in the classroom.

She serves as a school resource and exemplar for inventive implementation of the arts and sciences. Julia encourages her students, friends, and peers to take risks, whenever possible, in order to grow. Follow her on Twitter @GiftedTawk

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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