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Welcome to our 4-part blog series on Demystifying Doodling. Written by educator and author, Julia Deck, this series explores the use of 3D pens in the classroom and reflects on common questions that teachers have about Doodling.

Students sometimes hold up a Doodle and ask me, “Does this look right?” I often answer them with the question, “What do you think?”

How far we’ve come from the days when our teachers were the keepers of all knowledge, along with the answer key at the back of the book. Those were limited times that yielded restrictive outcomes. Today’s teacher is a guide who facilitates instruction. Authentic questions arise naturally during the investigative process with students as the architects of their own learning.

I have found 3Doodler pens to be great tools that inspire growth-promoting questions among my students. You may wonder why questions are so important to learning. Here are six reasons students should ask questions.

1. Asking questions develops self-confidence.

Girl playing video game with 3D pen

While confusion may arise for a number of reasons, even the shyest or most hesitant student raises the proper questions when strongly invested in the outcome. As a result, students overcome their fears of social norms and pressures, developing their voices in the pursuit of a higher purpose.

2. No question is too silly to ask.

Enthralled woman and boy admire 3D pen art

A question that may appear absurd on its face may only seem so in light of the current thinking. Students in my class are in awe of the historical thinkers who asked the “ridiculous” questions. Newton once pondered why an apple falls from a tree, but the Earth does not fall from the sky. His steadfast passion for answers, despite condescension from peers, led him to epiphanies far beyond the consciousness of his time. Students who ask “silly” questions become intellectual and visceral thinkers that strive for answers outside the current norm of expectations.

3. Students overcome bias when inspired to question why.

Women with laptop creating 3d pen art

Beliefs and judgments are tested in concrete ways when designing hands-on solutions. The design process guides students to articulate new questions that test their preconceived notions. The results may alter their mindset, which influences the broader ways in which students think about the world.

4. Asking questions generates better questions.

Lab team creates 3D pen art.

In other words, the more we question, the better we become at honing in on the questions that guide us through our discovery. The first question is only the beginning. There is an art to crafting the subsequent questions that arise as a consequence. Each question unpacks a new one, like a set of Russian nesting dolls. From largest to smallest, students’ questions will eventually lead them to the essential core question lying within the heart of any discovery.

5. Questioning raises the consciousness of our society.

Children and man creating 3D pen art

When we think we know it all, we cease to question. Discussions become close-ended monologues when individuals are steadfast in their beliefs. Questioning widens our thinking, allowing in fresh perspectives and generating an open-minded exchange of ideas, promoting the greater good, rather than the independent gain.

And the most important reason…

In life, there is no list of questions to direct your learning. That means that students need to be critical thinkers who can not only answer, but ask the questions that direct and inspire others. You cannot send your students off with a list, but you can present them with learning opportunities that make them seek answers to their own questions for a lifetime.

Julia Dweck is a published children’s author and public school teacher who works with students in grades K-5. Her teaching style focuses on the importance of creative and open-ended thinking. Julia is the 2016 winner of the Da Vinci Science Award for her innovative integration of technology in the classroom.

She serves as a school resource and exemplar for inventive implementation of the arts and sciences. Julia encourages her students, friends, and peers to take risks, whenever possible, in order to grow. Follow her on Twitter @GiftedTawk

The Youth of Today and the Jobs of Tomorrow

At 3Doodler, we believe in nurturing the youth of today so as to prepare them for the careers of tomorrow. As the entry point into 3D printing for students, we aim to empower our future leaders with tools that promote open ended problem solving – tools that will help the next generation with affordable housing, space exploration, prosthetics and much, much more.

Equip the youth of today for the jobs of tomorrow. Equip the youth of today for the jobs of tomorrow.

We care about empowering the students of today to be leaders of tomorrow. In support of this, we want to share a powerful way that you can help inspire your students and children to cultivate an excitement for their future careers through mentorship with the leaders of today.

On April 25, 2019, school children all across the United States will go to work with a parent or mentor for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. According to Forbes, over 37 million adults in the USA will take their children to at least 3.5 million workplaces on this day. This national event supports future careers through allowing children to experience different workplace environments first-hand, which supports them in cultivating professional aspirations.

How can you make the most of it this year?

The Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation has put together some great ideas to help parents, mentors, and school teachers get ready for the big event. In addition to this, they have a complete guide on how to plan for the event that includes preparatory steps, suggested activities, key messages, and more.

"As you know, 3D printing is having a substantial influence on industries such as affordable housing, medicine, engineering, and manufacturing. As the entry point into 3D printing, 3D pens are a great way to prepare the children of today for the jobs of tomorrow. If you’re bringing your child to work this year, take a 3Doodler pen along for the journey and challenge them to Doodle a model of a tool they envision needing for their future career. Have them explain the functionality of the design and how it will add benefit in the workplace." Share

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Fan Art: Doodles that Lift Your Favorite Stories off the Screen

What characters bring fire to your winter? 3D pen sorceress, @connie__doodles, has channeled her magic into spell-binding creations that celebrate your favorite stories!

Connie has ascended to the throne of Power Doodler over several years, her quest having started in the earliest days of 3Doodler. In fact, she won some of the very first Doodle-Offs with 3D pen fan art.

"I’ve been creating fan art ever since I was a child, starting with drawing Disney characters. I learned so much of what I know now from copying my idols’ works. For me, achieving their expertise and skill has been a goal of mine since I was a young child. Though I’ve never quite reached it, I’ve never stopped trying, and that has taught me so many lessons." Share

Check out the galleries and videos below to see Connie’s collection of 3D pen fan art.

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Connie Doodles is a 3Doodler Artist based out of Germany. All of her creations are made with 3Doodler 3D printing pens.
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National Library Workers Day: Lifting the Story Off the Page!

What is National Library Workers Day? This special day honors library staff members and administrators in recognition of the their exemplary contributions to communities in America.

Libraries give the gift of free knowledge to millions of us each year. Because of Libraries, we can access the resources we need to learn about virtually anything. Since the American Library Association first celebrated the National Library Workers Day in 2004, millions of people have given back by expressing gratitude and nominating the Librarians that they think are the biggest movers and shakers! Be sure to check out the American Library Association Website to learn more about voting for your local Library staff.

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Bring your Lessons to Life with the 3Doodler STEM Kit!

Want to bring sought after STEM innovation to your classroom? No matter the subject or grade, 3Doodler has you covered. With the NEW 3Doodler STEM Activity Kit, your students can bring their lessons to life!

3D pen art: yellow rollercoaster mold with black handle.

The DoodleMolds are versatile and adaptable for any project, and are a great tool for open-ended, STEMulating classroom experiences.

From operational designs and opposable skeletons, to machine prototypes, geodesic domes and rollercoasters, students can use the STEM Activity Kit to create objects in real time with their 3Doodler Start or Create+ pens.

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Green robot with stem accessory - 3D pen art

Close up of white background 3D pen art items

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Maxwell Bogue, co-founder of 3Doodler, has collaborated with editor-in-chief of 3DPrint.com, Joris Peels, to bring you a top-shelf podcast on all of the hot topics in 3D Printing.

From filaments to the “fourth industrial revolution,” to 3D printing prosthetics and K-12 education, you will certainly get the lowdown from these industry authorities!

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