It’s Engineers Week!

This week is all about engineering as we explore the many contributions this field and the people in it have made to improving our world.

Science, math, and technological literacy help us engage in engineering and solve problems to help those around us. So let’s learn more about these fields and see how we can contribute with 3Doodler tools as an early introduction to 3D printing, creative problem-solving, and breaking down how things work.

Change Makers

Engineer’s Week began in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) to highlight engineers’ critical role in society. The week coincides with President George Washington’s birthday, as he is often described as America’s first engineer. But engineers go much further back in history, and their contributions are vast.

Look around you and imagine for a moment all the things in your life that engineers have played a part in creating. The list is endless. Engineers have contributed many ways to improve lives, from electricity to the telephone, cars, airplanes, and computers.

Meeting an engineer is one way to help demystify the field and learn more about what engineers do. DiscoverE, the organization that sponsors Engineers Week, hosts monthly Chats with Change Makers to speak with a real-life engineer and learn about a new field. Explore past episodes or join the next one live to learn more about technology fields.

Creating the Future

In addition to meeting engineers, young people can explore the various engineering disciplines at school or home with easy-to-follow lessons. This week we’re sharing a few challenging and fun engineering lessons to build and test designs in 3D.

The engineering design process offers a way of thinking that you can apply to solve a problem. Each step provides new information about the situation and encourages you to think critically about how you might solve it. Engineers often repeat the process to come up with the best possible solution. Working as a team, you can share ideas and find new perspectives by involving others.

The Engineer Girl offers a simple way to think about the engineering design process. It’s also a great place to start exploring careers in engineering and learning more about the field.

Design Like an Engineer

Working with friends has never been better as students explore STEM-focused design challenges that span sports, architecture, and design. These 3Doodler lesson plans will inspire critical thinking and opportunities to apply the engineering design process.

Grade K-2: STEM Doodle Hockey

STEMDoodleHockey with 3D pen art: Plastic construction on table.

Time to hit the ice! Students will design a template and doodle the best hockey stick in this exciting lesson about design and function. When they’re ready, it will be time to test their hockey sticks out on the ice to see which stick can shoot a puck the farthest and with the most accuracy through a goal. Game on!

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Grade 3-5: STEM Doodle Engineering Challenge

Toy ladder & gun on floor, 3D pen art

With just a few materials, students will be challenged to build the tallest tower. Students will work together and use critical thinking skills to make predictions, record observations, and analyze their structures. It’s a lesson in design thinking they be talking about for weeks to come!

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Grade 6-8: STEAM Design Challenge

Orange chair with purple trims created using 3D pen art

Using their 3Doodler 3D pens, students will attempt to create a functional chair under intense time constraints and with just a few materials. Will they be up to the challenge? Time will tell!

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Engineers Week is an invitation to celebrate problem-solving and find ways to make the world a better place. Share how engineering inspires you #3Doodler #WhatWillYouCreate.

Celebrate a Decade of Doodling with 3Doodler!

Travel memory lane with us as we celebrate our 10th anniversary! A lot has happened along our doodling journey.

We’re thrilled to recognize a few milestones and offer our customers special savings on top-selling fan favorites.

Top 10 Doodling Milestones & Memories
  • 3Doodler launched on Kickstarter in a BIG way with over 25,000 backers. It remains a record breaker for pledges and funds received.

  • Shared a whopping 600 projects — from stencils to tutorials and lesson plans, we’ve got you covered!

  • Added an eco-friendly plastic to our line that is biodegradable and non-toxic.

  • Welcomed our 50th employee — we’re a small but nimble team focused on evolving the product line and introducing new ways to bring ideas to life!

  • Introduced an EDU line of 3D pen sets to encourage hands-on STEAM learning in the classroom.

  • Launched a mobile app full of project ideas, with the ability to share recent projects and engage with the community!

  • Sold over 3 million 3D pens worldwide — growing a creative community of Doodlers from around the globe.

  • In fact, Doodlers are located in more than 60 countries around the world.

  • 3Doodler makes it possible to create in 3D with wood, nylon, and bronze.

  • The 3Doodler Start+ 3D printing pen offers kids as young as six a chance to build and design in 3D.

  • Colorful 3D pens on table, close-up
  • 3Doodler red double decker bus cake on white surface
  • Blue lace flower on white table 3D pen art
  • Children reading book in 3D pen art.
  • 3D pen art: Small owl on tree branch.
  • 3D pen art: Toy mouse and car on table.
  • Wire sculpture of winged bird with black wing - 3D pen art
  • Classroom 3D pen art: Children at table.

Join the Celebration

It’s thrilling to mark a decade of doodling with all of you. We’re offering special savings now through February 20, 2023 on our best-selling doodling products to mark the occasion.

“I am delighted to celebrate 3Doodler’s 10th anniversary with our community,” said Maxwell Bogue, 3Doodler Founder. “I’m struck by the incredible ways people have used our tools. I’ve watched first-time doodlers become self-supporting artists, worked with the blind community to support people with disabilities, engaged with teachers and students in the classroom, and even seen creators solve everyday problems with 3Doodler. We’re grateful to you and hope to continue inspiring creativity.“

Enjoy the savings and share your favorite doodling moments with us!

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Artist Spotlight: Cornelia Kuglmeier

Cornelia Kuglmeier is an amazing 3D pen artist and educator whose talent and techniques are some of the most creative and unusual.

She’s a highly knowledgeable 3D pen art community member who shares her doodling tips freely. Connie’s design approach turns fantasy into reality. You’ve no doubt seen some of her incredible Doodles on our Instagram. In addition to the content she posts on her Instagram, she’s also shared some incredibly detailed and helpful tutorials on her YouTube channel that explore creative tips and tricks to test out with a 3D pen.

This week we’ve partnered with Connie to reimagine the Pisces symbol from an artist’s perspective. Learn how she designed the piece and explore her 3D pen art tips and tricks!

Finding Creative Freedom

As Connie explains it, designing in 3D offers her artistic freedom. She can create anything she can dream up. And, if she’s working on a project and doesn’t care for something or is struggling to get the exact look she wants, she finds the plastic is easy to heat and remove to remold.

“Creating in 3D gives me infinite freedom. There’s just no limit,” said Connie. “You can draw lines into thin air if you like drawing, you can design pieces flat and assemble them if you’re into modeling and architecture, you can mix techniques, you can bend the plastic pieces with hot air, you can smudge the plastic with your pen’s nozzle, or you can bake and melt it into sheets. The creative possibilities are endless.”

Connie also likes to see where the process takes her. While designing, she never knows what might happen. So she takes every opportunity to try a new idea or test a new technique.

“I look forward to seeing where the experience will take me, and what I’ll discover next,” said Connie. “I love to delve into small things, try not to overlook things, and create pieces that give my audience many things to discover.”

  • 3D dog drawings on two paper pieces
  • Purple flower on paper with 3D fish and man
  • 3Doodler art: Fish, purple/yellow flowers, ruler
  • Colorful fish design created with 3D pen
  • 3D pen art: Paper plate with red and green flower

Pisces Design Inspiration

Connie doesn’t follow zodiac signs closely, but she enjoys reading her horoscope from time to time. She’s an Aries and enjoys reading about the traits related to her sign to see if any match her personality, and some do.

“When I began working on the pisces piece, I looked up the astronomical sign and when I saw it was a fish I immediately had something colorful in mind,” said Connie. “I envisioned a fish with long fins, to show the floating, waving, weightlessness of those animals. I imagined them swimming in the air just like they do under water.”

Connie thought about using a coy or betta fish. When she was younger, she had a betta fish and was already familiar with it. Bettas also have long fins and come in a wide variety of colors. Connie knew she had a winner!

Aspiring Doodlers Take Note

Connie is a phenomenal 3D artist whose techniques and creativity inspire a community of Doodlers. Her suggestions for anyone looking to gain skills with a 3D pen are pretty simple.

“Work with the 3D pen. Seriously, if you browse my Instagram, I posted one of my first creations there, said Connie. “It was a clumsy little birdie, made with the first 3Doodler 3D pen. I was so extremely proud of it that day.”

Connie explains that working with hot plastic and getting a feel for a 3D pen can be daunting. But, the more you work with it, the less afraid you will be about what could go wrong and the more intrigued you become to see what more you can do. She recommends starting small by picking something simple or something you can try to recreate.

“It’s really important to use the 3D pen,” said Connie. “The more you use it, the more comfortable you are with its shape in your hand, the way it functions, the plastic and different filaments. You’ll gradually find the technique that suits you best.”

Once you become comfortable with the pen, Connie recommends trying the nozzle set. She used it for this project to create the fins and scales. Next, she attached the scales by melting them onto the body with the hot pen tip.

“For these fish, I used the angled nozzle to draw those ultra-thin, almost see-through fins, and the shiny scales,” said Connie. “The nozzle set is a great way to spice up your projects, if you find yourself looking for something new!”

As far as what to expect next from Connie, she’s happiest when experimenting and learning something new. In addition, she enjoys creating hyper-realistic pieces, like giant butterflies, and makes a nice piece of fan art now and then.

“Currently, I am working on detailed, monochrome pieces,” said Connie. “I’m mixing plants with animal traits and supersizing small things. My artistic style is always evolving as I learn new things.”

  • Colorful paper flowers on a 3D pen drawing board, fish 7.
  • Red and green fish 3D pen art on white surface

More artist features coming up. We can’t wait to see what you create with all these fantastic tips. Share your creations with us on Instagram or tag #3Doodler #WhatWillYouCreate.

Zodiac: Stars, Planets, & Patterns

The zodiac is a belt-shaped area in the sky that extends nine degrees beyond the earth’s ecliptic, or the plane of the Earth’s orbit and the Sun’s annual path. The orbital path of the moon and principal planets also lie within the zodiac.

Explore the symbols of the zodiac and learn more about the constellations in this week’s blog. Plus doodle pisces, the symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions for those born February 19 to March 20.

Zodiac wheel with sun & 12 signs - 3D pen art

The Little Animals

The Babylonians believed that the gods in the heavens ruled their fate and used the sun, the moon, and the stars to infer when good or bad events might occur. They created the zodiac system some 2,500 years ago based on their observations to gain insight into future happenings.

The zodiac is divided into twelve astrological signs, with each one occupying one twelfth of the circle or 30 percent. The name zodiac is derived from the Greek term zōdiakos kyklos, “circle of animals,” or ta zōdia, “the little animals.” The ancient Greeks coined the phrase given that most of the constellations passing through the ecliptic are animal shapes.

The size and number of zodiac signs evolved over time and became fixed with the advent of mathematical astronomy. The list of the constellations and the corresponding dates identify a time when the Sun’s passage through them was fixed. These dates are still used even though the motion of the equinoxes along the ecliptic shifted the constellations eastward.

What’s my sign?

Pisces illumination, Book of Hours, Italian, Pierpont Morgan Library, New York City Pisces illumination, Book of Hours, Italian, Pierpont Morgan Library, New York City

A zodiac sign correlates to a person’s date of birth. Each of the twelve signs represent a time period during the year. Once you find your zodiac sign, you can use it to look up a horoscope and see what’s in store for your sign that month, week, or day.

Explore your zodiac sign from the list below. For those born February 19 to March 20, grab your 3Doodler Start+ 3D printing pen and design the pisces symbol with our step-by-step tutorial and free stencil. Explore more zodiac signs and test out your skills by creating them in 3D. Our tips are sure to inspire your creativity.

Zodiac Signs
  • Aries: March 21 – April 19

  • Taurus: April 20 – May 20

  • Gemini: May 21- June 21

  • Cancer: June 22- July 22

  • Leo: July 23 – August 22

  • Virgo: August 23 – September 22

  • Libra: September 23 – October 23

  • Scorpio: October 24 – November 21

  • Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

  • Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

  • Aquarius: January 20 – February 18

  • Pisces: February 19 – March 20

Share your zodiac signs and symbols. Be sure to follow 3Doodler on Twitter Twitter or Instagram. Tag us with your ideas #3Doodler #WhatWillYouCreate.

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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