STEM Activities & Doodles for Spring

Whether you’re looking for engaging spring-themed classroom activities, or at-home projects for an afternoon of crafting, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite Spring Doodle ideas.

And did you know this Friday, April 15, is also World Art Day? This celebration promotes the use of art as a way to express ourselves as individuals. So whether you’re searching for some egg-cellent Doodle ideas for an Easter Egg Hunt, or you just want to create something wicked to cool for World Art Day, we’ve got you covered. Remember, art and creativity can take many forms, so grab your 3Doodler and let’s get crafting!

Create+ Projects

Here are a few projects perfect for the Create+ 3D pens.

Easter Basket

An Easter Basket

With this throwback tutorial, we give you the steps to create both the eggs and easter basket, meaning you have complete creative freedom over the whole project. So dive in and get creating.





Final Create

Crochet-Inspired Easter Eggs

These fancy Crochet-Inspired egg decorations are perfect for this time of year. To achieve this effect, we’ll use real eggs to create these little masterpieces using your Create+ pen.





Easter Egg Image

Egg + Bunny Combo

This stencil and tutorial combo will surprise and delight with all the little fun hidden details! This egg and bunny combo is the perfect addition to any Easter basket or holiday spread.





Start+ Projects

Here are a few projects great for use with our Start+ 3D Pen


Easter Eggs

Eggs are everywhere this time of year: candy-shaped eggs, Confetti eggs, chocolate-covered eggs, etc. So let’s make some more of the colorful variety. This project has you breaking eggs and doodling them!






Bunny Hop

Doodle a cute little bunny to hang around the house. This project will test your hand-eye coordination as you bring a 2D bunny off the page and into 3D form.





Final Start

Eggspressive Eggs

Did you know that we can use real eggs to help create our Doodled egg decorations? Check out this fun project and try not to break any eggs in the prosses ?





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Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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