PRO+ Creations to Ignite Inspiration

Unlock creative potential like never before with the 3Doodler PRO+.

Take inspiration from artists and architects to engineers, innovators, and fashion designers who demonstrate the precision and sleek ergonomics of this dynamic 3D printing tool. We partnered with professionals from around the world to ignite your imagination and feature designs using a range of materials, including wood, nylon, and bronze. The 3Doodler PRO+ collection is intended to celebrate creative expression by featuring events that were cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • 3D pen art: Close-up of a straw building model
  • White figure poses in front of building - 3D pen art
  • Close up of detailed 3D pen art: White building with wires.
  • White wire structure with blue roof & white fence: 3D pen art
  • Vibrant plastic mesh 3D pen art up close


The PRO+ is the perfect tool for creating precise architectural models. We teamed up with professionals Cornelia Kuglmeier and Alanna Baird to make 3D miniatures of two visually stunning buildings that were due to be displayed at Expo2020 Dubai. Cornelia made a model of the Canada Pavilion out of the Wood filament, which displays a latticework of earthy geometry. Alanna crafted a replica of the Czech Pavilion using clear FLEXY filament for the translucent pipework, and clear PLA for the structure’s base. Create quick and accurate prototypes with the PRO+ to share a new concept or design in 3D.


  • Man with deer head and horns, 3D pen sculpture. #3Doodler
  • 3D pen art: Bird statue with long beak
  • Blue & brown dress 3D pen doll art by Ig Heather
  • 3D pen art: Close-up of red-dressed doll with hat, by Erica Red.
  • 3D pen art: Black sculpture of woman with hat & dress by Erica Blk.
  • Yellow dress mannequin in 3D pen art
  • Doll with dress and hat - 3D pen art
  • 3D pen art: Doll in wedding dress & veil by Erica White.
  • 3D pen art of doll in black dress and hat
  • Black and white 3D pen art: Woman with hat and parasol
  • 3D pen art with hair dryer drying


Professional designers Heather Baharally, Erica Gray, and Stéphanie Santos collaborated with us to create fashion inspired by the 2020 Met Gala theme, “About Time.” Heather’s visionary “Plague Doctor” dress provides stunning visual commentary on the global pandemic with a unique take on steampunk couture. The dress features bronze armor with a bustle created using wood filament. Using saltwater and ammonia, she created a colorful patina on the metal. Erica’s designs create an effect that is both wild and exotic, while also sophisticated and elegant. Using FLEXY filament, she creates depth through texture and lace-like patterns. Stéphanie’s chic, minimalistic prototypes draw on several time periods of vogue, with a futuristic twist. Using PLA and FLEXY to prototype, she uses the models as blueprints to transform her ideas into life-sized realities.


  • Man on swing 3D pen sculpture
  • 3D pen art: 3Doodler statue of a man on swing
  • 3D pen art: Man on swing, crafted in body arafed style
  • 3D pen art: Statue of bear with leash
  • 3D pen sculpture: man on pole, black background
  • Close-up of 3D pen art: bear statue with tree trunk
  • Close-up of man running in 3D pen art
  • Man running with outstretched hands in 3D pen art
  • Close-up 3D pen art statue with black background

3D Design

These BodyWorlds style models by Cornelia Kuglmeier were carefully crafted using the Bronze and Copper filaments for the PRO+. The surface textures she created with the filament depict realistic human muscle tissue and demonstrate the accuracy and perfection you can achieve using the PRO+ pen. This collaboration honors the Olympic athletes who were scheduled to participate in the 2020 event before it was postponed.

  • 3D pen art: toy car on rocks
  • 3D pen art: toy car on table
  • 3D pen art: toy car on rock

Tech and Innovation

The intersection of technology and innovation invites creative expression and designing for the future is effortless with the PRO+. Creative professional, Faraz Warsi, made this polished model of Tesla’s much-awaited Cybertruck. The model demonstrates the ease with which designers can use the PRO+ pen to make stylish 3D prototypes. Cutting edge ideas, like the modern electric car models, prototypes of aerodynamic aircraft, and much more have never been easier to design.

Are you inspired to create with the 3Doodler PRO+? Share your ideas and projects with us on social media. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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Doodle to Give Thanks

Gather inspiration with our Thanksgiving projects for all ages, and share how grateful you are with a gift of handmade Doodles!

While 2020 has been a challenging year all around, one way to lift spirits as we enter the holiday season is by expressing how grateful we are to our loved ones. We have the perfect collection of festive fall projects to help you make perfect gifts for the autumn season. Whether you’re in the classroom, the living room, or the craft room, makers will have a ton of fun getting creative hands-on in the spirit of giving and sharing thanks!

Projects to Give the Gift of Gratitude

Colorful 3D pen clay ornaments on ground

Festive Fall 3D Stamps

Skill Level: Beginner

3D Pen: 3Doodler Start or Create+

Give the gift of fall-themed handmade items using these seasonal 3D stamps! These are perfect for making cookies to share with loved ones for Thanksgiving, or stamping clay to give the gift of festive decor. Use our template to make fall-themed 3D stamps or feel free to make your own!

View Project

3D pen art: Potpourri holder with dried leaves

Potpourri Holder

Skill Level: Intermediate

3D Pen: 3Doodler Start or Create+

Who doesn’t love the fall scent of cinnamon-spiced potpourri? This potpourri holder can be made with our easy-to-follow stencil. Get ready to create a beautiful piece of decor that’s perfect for the coming holiday, and give it to someone who you’re thankful for!

View Project

3Doodler pen creates peach blossom tree with plastic strands

Centerpiece Blossoms

Skill Level: Advanced

3D Pen: 3Doodler Create+

Flowers make beautiful Thanksgiving centerpieces and are a delight to behold by all who gather around the table. Give the gift of gratitude with colorful flowers that are always in bloom by bringing our blossom stencil to life in 3D.

View Project

What gifts are you giving to show gratitude for the holiday? Parents, teachers, and makers want to know! Give the gift of inspiration by sharing your ideas and creations with us on social media. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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Celebrate Origami Day in 3D

Cardboard 3D pen art of a square paper crane

Celebrate Origami Day!

Origami Day is celebrated annually on November 11 in Japan and recognized by creators around the world. It’s a day to recognize the ancient Japanese art of creating intricate and beautiful shapes by folding square pieces of paper. Origami Day often features the paper crane prominently as a symbol of peace. Explore the historic significance of this art form and make an origami project to experience the design process first-hand.

Invite students to gain insights by reading a selection of books that feature the historical significance of origami and Japanese art and culture. After reflecting on these books, students have an opportunity to test their own skills with hands-on creativity by building paper cranes or using our Doodled “Paper Crane” stencil. Young learners have an opportunity to study geometric shapes and explore spatial visualization by making origami in 3D!

Origami Day Project

In this hands-on STEAM activity, students can choose one of the stories below. Once they have read the book, invite them to share observations and then create a 3D paper crane with a 3Doodler Start (ages 6-13) or a 3Doodler Create+ (ages 14+). You can find the Doodled “Paper Crane” stencil here.

Suggested Books

Grades K-5
Yoko’s Paper Cranes, Rosemary Wells
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, E. Coerr

Grades 5-8
Pink Paper Swans, Virginia L. Kroll

Grades 8-12
One Thousand Paper Cranes, Ishii Takayuki

We can’t wait to see what learners create! Share your Doodles with us on social media, and be sure to tag us so we can see your creations! @3Doodler #3Doodler #OrigamiDay

Stellar 3D Pen Projects for STEM Day!

Foster curiosity, visual thinking, and creative design with these easy 3D printing pen projects for STEM Day!

How many planets are in our solar system? How do hydraulics work?

With young learners around, you may hear a thousand questions like this every day. Young minds have such insatiable curiosity, and one great way to encourage creative thinking is to have students explore subjects hands-on in 3D.

Hands-on learning can help spark engagement, innovation, and creativity, so we’ve put together a roundup of fun STEM-stencils to inspire fun and engaged learning in your classroom or home learning environment.

STEM Tools Alert: Be sure to check out our all-new 3Doodler Start and 3Doodler Create+ Learn From Home Pen Sets, which come with tons of materials to create with and hours of hands-on STEM projects!

  • 3d pen STEM projects solar system
  • 3d pen STEM projects solar system
  • 3d pen STEM projects solar system

Grades K-5


Our Solar System in 3D!


This DIY solar system project is not just educational, it’s also a great way to decorate your classroom or home learning environment. With the Doodled planets, you’ll find young learners marveling at the beauty of the universe, even during the daytime!


  1. Grab some round balls of varying sizes for students to use as 3D stencils (alternatively, you can use lemons, clementines, and oranges as the 3D stencils), and cover them in masking tape.

  2. Have students Doodle half of a sphere over the taped 3D stencil, then pop off the plastic. Repeat with the other half of the sphere.

  3. Doodle to join the two halves together to form the planet.

  4. Cut string to about 12 inches, then attach to the sphere with melted plastic.

  5. You can then can attach the string to the ceiling.

  6. Repeat the following steps for the rest of the planets in the solar system!


  • 3d pen STEM classroom projects hydraulics
  • 3d pen STEM classroom projects hydraulics
  • 3d pen STEM classroom projects hydraulics
  • 3d pen STEM classroom projects hydraulics
  • 3d pen STEM classroom projects hydraulics

Grades 6-8


Hands-on Hydraulics!


This hydraulic claw is made using two syringes, a length of rubber tube, and water. The rest is created with a 3Doodler pen! With a series of hinges attached to the plunger and body of one of the syringes, we can create a claw that opens and closes to pick things up.

*Note: Can be created with the 3Doodler Start (ages 6-13) or the 3Doodler Create+ (ages 14+)


  1. Print the Hydraulic Claw stencil.

  2. Use the Start DoodlePad or Create DoodlePad to trace the pieces.

  3. Assemble pieces together and attach the proper pieces to one syringe. (Use this guide as a reference.)

  4. Fill the other syringe with water.

  5. Attach tubing to both syringe nozzles.

  6. Test out your claw!

  • 3d pen STEM classroom Big Ben London
  • 3d pen STEM classroom Big Ben London

Grades 9-12


Building Big Ben


The Elizabeth Tower, also known as Big Ben, is the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster in London, England. In this project, learners will create a 3D model of Big Ben, one of the most iconic architectural monuments in Britain.


  1. Print the stencil.

  2. Doodle the four faces for the clock tower.

  3. Create the ornate neo-Gothic architectural designs using the stencil, then attach to the faces.

  4. Doodle the faces together at the seams to create the tower base.

  5. Doodle the roof pieces and assemble.

  6. Doodle the clock faces, and attach.

  7. Trace all of the pieces.

We hope these projects sparked some inspiration for STEM Day activities in your learning environment!

What projects are you planning for STEM day? Please share your ideas with us on social media, as well as your students’ Doodles! We can’t wait to see what they create.

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Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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