Ultimate College 3D Pen Projects That Will Transform Your Dorm Room

The ultimate guide to create 5 projects with your 3Doodler pen that are purposeful, creative, and ~aesthetic~ without breaking the bank!

Hi there! My name is Miribel, and I’m an intern for 3Doodler, the company who made the world’s first 3D printing pen.

I’m also a college student who is headed back to school in September. Like most, I live on a typical college student budget. However, I still want my dorm room to reflect my personal style without breaking the bank. One day, I had an idea. Why not use my 3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pen to create items for my dorm?

Here is the list of my favorite dorm projects to do with a 3D pen!

1. Easily organize all of your cords by creating your own cord holder!

Cord Holder

If you’re anything like me, there are always too many cords at your desk and there’s no way to keep them all organized. For me, I realized I could easily make cord holders similar to these with my 3D pen and stick them anywhere I wanted!

You can download a free stencil for this project here.

Cost of materials: $0.72
Retail price: $4.99 each
Saved: $4.27 or 86%

Extra tips
  • Color code your cord holders by using different colors of plastic.

  • Preferred plastics: FLEXY

2. Create the perfect accessory to hang all of your favorite photos!

Photo Hanger

When I originally saw this photo hanger at the store, I thought it would be the perfect addition to my room. This project has completely transformed my dorm, and I love using it to store all of my favorite photos and memorabilia!

You can download a free stencil for this project here.

Cost of materials: $5.28
Retail price: $21.51
Saved: $16.23 or 75%

Extra tips
  • Simply retrace the outer frame to add more sturdiness.

  • Use the holes on the corners to hang onto walls!

  • Recommended plastics: ABS

3. The ultimate project to add that ambiance you never knew you needed!

Lotus Flower Lamp

Your friends will be completely envious of your dorm with the beautiful DIY version of this lotus light! Just add an LED candle in the middle to add that perfect, laid back ambiance to your room.

You can view the video tutorial here and download a free stencil for this project here.

Cost of materials: $15.34
Retail price: $83.71 each
Saved: $68.37 or 82%

Extra tips
  • To create curved lotus petals, simply trace and Doodle over the stencil using a mason jar.

  • Preferred plastics: PLA

4. Never lose your keys or jewelry again!

Jewelry Tree

This jewelry tree is very simple to make, yet it’ll make such a huge difference in your dorm, adding both convenience and elegance!

You can view the video tutorial here and download a free stencil for this project here.

Cost of materials: $3.84
Retail price: $20.98 each
Saved: $17.14 or 82%

Extra tips
  • Use the holes in the tree stencil to put your earrings!

  • If you want to Doodle a tree with a more circular base, simply use a bottle cap and trace around it until you get your desired tree height!

  • Preferred plastics: ABS

5. A project inspired for the Doodler who appreciates minimalistic vibes!

Orb Lights

If you want an item in your dorm that pulls everything else together and adds style to your space, this orb light project is perfect for you! Grab a friend and you can finish the entire project in no time.

You can view the video tutorial here.

Cost of materials: $14.38
Normal price: $39.99
Saved: $25.61 or 64%

Extra tips
  • If you don’t want to use the method shown here, you can Doodle on two halves of a tennis ball, and then Doodle them together to make one whole.

  • Preferred plastics: PLA

Overall, I saved a total of $132.09 (or 77%) on these 5 items!

Although I loved the fact that I was able to save so much money, what I truly enjoyed the most was being inspired by the things that I saw in stores and recreating my own unique version at home. I felt I didn’t have to sacrifice substance and style for price, and I’ve already had so many compliments about the items I created. I can’t wait to be able to Doodle more dorm decor in the future!

If you try this out at home, let me know know by tagging @3Doodler in your photos on social media and using the hashtag: #WhatWillYouCreate

Stay creative,


5 Reasons Why You Should Raise a Wimpy Kid

The story of Greg Heffley’s struggles has inspired millions, and it all started with a diary.

Research shows that active storytelling and creativity has long-lasting impacts on children’s development that carry on well into adulthood, meaning the stories they tell now can have a positive impact on shaping the adults they’ll eventually become.

Does your kid have what it takes to be a Wimpy Kid with great storytelling? Here’s why you should help them get there:

  • 1. Wimpy Kids Solve Problems

    Storytelling and engaging in creative fiction also helps children develop problem-solving skills for real-life situations. What happens in their stories may not be true, but by working through fictional problems kids’ brains learn to apply the same thought process to obstacles they may face in their day-to-day life.
  • 2. Wimpy Kids Get Along Better

    Children who engage in fiction—either from reading, writing, or having stories read to them—find it easier to understand other people. This helps them form better social connections earlier in life.
  • 3. Wimpy Kids Show Empathy

    By engaging with the reactions of characters in stories, kids develop the ability to grasp the thoughts and feelings of others. This means even outside of stories, kids can learn how to show empathy for those around them, whether on the playground or in the classroom.
  • 4. Wimpy Kids Create

    Aside from writing and making up new stories, creating tangible characters that kids can move and see interacting enhances stories for kids, and helps stimulate learning, engagement, and brain activity even more.
  • 5. Wimpy Kids Play

    Creating characters and writing their own storylines gives kids a head start for wide range of artistic pursuits, which plays a big part in being a well-rounded student (you can read more about how art plays a role in academics here). Kids can apply the thinking and engagement they get from storytelling to theater, movie-making, writing, or other art forms.

For a limited time, you can get a free 3D Diary inspired by Diary of a Wimpy Kid along with a free pack of 3Doodler Start Plastic with every purchase of a 3Doodler Start Essentials or Super Mega Pen Set and give your kids a guided way to help inspire them to create and tell their own stories, while creating touchable and permanent characters that they can use for endless future story combinations.

A Creative Wedding with a Personal Touch

When it came time for Geert de Coninck and Michelle Mortelmans to choose their wedding rings, they ran into a major problem.

None of the rings they saw were right for them. “We visited some jewelry designers but every visit ended the same,” Geert says. “They all only had standard rings that didn’t reflect our personality.”

As a creative designer, Geert and Michelle wanted their rings to be unique, and to symbolize their passion for creativity. “As creative people, we wanted to have a less conventional ring,” he says. And that’s when inspiration struck.

“I’d started to use the 3Doodler Create pen after getting it as a new year’s gift,” Geert says. “It’s a nice way to play around with shapes. Clients love to see the creations standing on my desk and play with them.”

"As creative people, we wanted to have a less conventional ring." Share

Looking at the creations he had made, Geert had an idea. “Michelle was following a course in jewelry design. I asked her if her course master could help us to translate a 3D-sketched ring into a gold version,” he explains.

The concept was to create their own rings in plastic using the 3Doodler pen, which could then be cast in gold using the lost-wax technique.

“We did not have any guarantee that this would work,” Geert admits, “but we all got excited about this and took the risk of not having the rings finished before the wedding.”

The couple used a cylindrical ring holder to create tests of their rings in the correct size. “We made a lot of prototypes because the idea was to avoid sharp edges and not have double layers to keep the size from getting too thick,” Geert says.

The result was perfectly cast rings that matched the couple’s personality, and were—quite literally—made with love.

“My ring is a little more chaotic and has more ripples,” says Geert. “My wife’s has multiple smaller rings and a more simple and clean look.”

The rings were ready on schedule, and provided the perfect symbol for a union built on creativity.

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